Assassin’s Creed Mirage Bird Trap Walkthrough

The Bird Trap quest is part of the Warlord Investigation in AC Mirage. You must complete it to take out General Al Rukh, another Order member.

The Bird Trap quest is a portion of a bigger investigation called The Warlord in AC Mirage. It revolves around weakening the strength of the Order of the Ancients. In this quest, you must first investigate a high-ranking general called Al-Rukh. He is an order member who is hiding in a particular palace.

To complete the overall investigation, you must complete the Bird Trap quest. Only after the investigation is completed can you assassinate this order member. Here is how you can do it.

Reach Qasr Saleh Palace  

qasr saleh palace location ac mirage

To start this quest, you must make your way to the Qasr Saleh palace. This is the place where General Jasoor, also known as ‘Al-Rukh’ will be hiding. The Qasr Saleh Palace will be located near the western edge of the round city, near the shore of Karkh District. 

Make your way there by parkouring off different rooftops and hanging ropes. You will discover a magnificent palace in the middle of the desert. You must sneak inside, enter the general’s room and carry on with your investigation.

Look for a way inside the General’s room 

ac mirage general's room

Basim will be told repeatedly that General Jasoor is a coward and will be hiding in his room. To assassinate him you have to first locate him. What will make this part of the quest a little bit tricky is that the palace is filled with guards. There are guards located in every nook and cranny of this place.  

You have to be sneaky to find the way inside the General’s room. Make good use of your Eagle Vision and Enkidu, your good flying companion. After you use them, you will find that a particular guard will have a key on it. This the key that you will need to enter the General’s room.


Follow the guard until you reach a quiet and secluded place and then assassinate them or knock them out and loot it. After you have successfully looted the key, you can make your way to the General’s quarters and kill him to complete the Bird trap quest for AC Mirage. 

Assassinate Al-Rukh 

ac mirage assassinate al rukh

The General will be surrounded by two guards who are guarding him. Basim must first kill the guards and then take out Al-Rukh. Lure the guards out by whistling and then taking them out one by one. The Chain Assassination skill is excellent here since you can kill them both in a single go.

In case you don’t have it, go about it the old fashioned way and take them out one by one. Once the guards are out of the picture, you can go for Al-Rukh, The Warlord himself in the Bird Trap quest in AC Mirage.

While you can always fight them, it is recommended that you do not use that approach at least until the guards are dealt with. Going up against three enemies is difficult and will get overwhelming. Moreoever, the guards can call for help ruining your day.

General Jasoor is also a difficult opponent to deal with despite being a coward. He has a giant health bar and will deal more damage with each successful hit. Make good use of parrying a dodging to shrug off his attacks and ensure you’re safe. Position yourself to his rear and then take him out whenever you get the opportunity. Once you do, the Bird Trap quest in AC Mirage will end. 

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