Assassin’s Creed Mirage Al-Bahamut Assassination Walkthrough 

Al Bahamut is the leader of the Order in AC Mirage and once you learn her identity, it is time for her assassination.

Upon completing a series of cases where you learned about Al Bahamut’s identity, it is time to put your plan into the final phase. Now, we will be killing Al-Bahamut, who was revealed to be Qabiha. Al Bahamut’s assassination involves two cases in AC Mirage, One Final Counsel and Serpent’s Nest.

The Serpent’s Nest is the most difficult part, where you have to infiltrate the palace. Since it is well guarded, entering the palace can be difficult if you do not know how. In this guide, we have prepared a detailed walkthrough involving the two cases and the best way to enter the palace.

One Final Counsel walkthrough 


After you have learned the person that could be the leader of the Order of Ancients, it is time to infiltrate the well-guarded palace and cut down the head of the Order.  

Make sure all your tools are fully stocked since you will need them. Now, head to the southwest side of Round City to meet Roshan, as shown in the map image above.  

For the quest marker, track the Meet Roshan lead via the Investigation Tab; she will be on the top of the house. Approach her and speak with her to trigger a dialogue cutscene where you will talk about your investigation.  


Roshan will figure out that Qabiha is the leader of the Order, and she must die. But she will not give you the feather or allow you to murder Qabiha. But keep talking to her, and eventually, she will relent.  

Qabiha will be hiding in the Caliphal Palace and will have increased security. After the cutscene, you will find yourself in front of the Caliphal palace; it is time to put the final act into action and murder the Head of the Order.  

Infiltrate the Caliph’s Palace 

There are many ways to infiltrate the palace; some require entering through a secret entrance, while others require jumping through the entrance walls. Regardless of how you enter, you have to first look for the guards up front so you know the best way to enter.  

To do that, summon Enkidu and fly it over the palace. Do not fly it too close to the palace, or the marksmen will shoot it down.  

Fly it around the borders of the palace to look for the best entrance where you will face minimum guards.  

Upon arriving at the palace’s front door, you notice a group of rebels shouting and ready to fight. But due to the door being barred from the other side, they cannot enter. Speak to their leader, and he will ask you to unbar the door from inside so they can enter the fight. A person on a motorcycle with a crane

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Grant entry to the rebels

The rebels are a great opportunity to divert the guard’s attention so you can head into the palace with minimal resistance. Go east of the main entrance, and you will see a wooden platform hanging, as shown in the image above.  

Sprint forward to its direction and climb up top. Interact with the historical site at the top and jump on the hanging platform below. From the platform, jump forward to the palace and land on the bed of green leaves.  

Climb the stairs on your left, and you will see two guards: one patrolling the area and one sitting on the northeast side. Kill these two guards, starting with the one sitting on the bench. Move forward to the main entrance, and you will see three guards.  

Since you need the help of rebels, kill these guards by throwing knives or up close. Now unbar the door and open the gate to let the rebels in so they can fight with the rest of the guards ahead.  

After all the guards are dead, you will notice that the main entrance is barred from the inside. You need to enter using a different entrance. Sprint to the west side of the palace, and you will see a woman warming up her violin.  

Approach her and give her one Scholar Favour Token to play the instrument. When she starts to play the violin quickly hides behind the bushes. Wait until the guards approach her and sneak into the merchants’ area southwest of the palace.  

Enter the area, and you will see an Euncuh with a search marker. Approach to speak with him; he will claim to have the Master key. Bribe him four Merchant Favour Tokens, and he will agree to help.  

After bribing him, follow him, and he will open a couple of locked doors and hand over the Master Key. Now, you need to find Qabiha.  

Find Qabiha 

To take advantage of Ali’s rebels, head upstairs and turn to the right, where four guards are at the main door. Kill these guards and unbar the door to let the rebels inside. Open Eagle Vision, and you will see a guard with a key.  

Assist the rebels in killing all the guards, including the one with the key, and loot his dead body. Sprint to the left of the room in the long corridor. Silently walk forward until you see a locked door on your left. Use the key you stole from the dead body and open the door.  

You will notice a few guards on your right, but they will not notice you unless you do not make noise. Quietly move forward until you see a window. Jump through the window, and a cutscene will trigger.

In this cutscene, Basim will meet with the boy he saw in the past. Upon talking with him, he will tell you about Qabiha’s secret in the library door and the hidden passage behind the bookshelves. Return to the room where you stole the key.

Open Eagle Vision to see the two guards on the second level in the Al Bahamut assassination in AC Mirage. Climb the wall and take down these two guards. Turn left and take the first right through the door. Enter the library through the locked door using the Master key from the Eunuch in the merchants’ area.  

Find Qabiha’s hidden chamber

After entering the library, follow the marker to find four books of different colors and a note giving you a clue to the puzzle. After reading the verses of the poem and deducing the order of books: blue, yellow, black, and white.  

Head upstairs using the stairs in the library, and you will notice four podiums where you have to place the books in the correct order, but it is not as easy as it looks. To solve this Qabiha’s library puzzle, you need to place the books in reverse order. It means you need to place the white book at the leftmost altar, followed by the black book, the yellow book, and the blue book.  

Once you have placed the books in the correct order, the hidden passage will open behind the shelf downstairs. Head downstairs and through the hidden entrance.  

Assassinate Qabiha 

Drop down the ladder in the hidden room to the storage room. Open the door to your right, and you will see Qabiha sitting behind a desk. She will turn to your right after she sees you entering the room. Sprint to chase her, or you will lose her.  

She will enter the bathhouse through the door on your left. A long cutscene will trigger where she will tell you that you (Basim) are much more than an ordinary man. As you force her to tell what it means, Roshan will assassinate Qabiha from behind.  

Roshan will exit after threatening that if you follow Qabiha’s path, she will kill you. After the cutscene ends, you must now escape the palace in a high-alert situation. Exit the bathhouse through the door ahead and kill the guards.  

Head upstairs and proceed forward to take a left turn in the corridor. Sprint through the door and go upstairs using a couple of stairs. Jump down to the lower level and head outside. Kill the guards and the marksmen to flee the palace through the main entrance.  Once you are outside the palace, open the map and fast-travel to the nearest viewpoint to Nehal’s location. Approach her to discuss yourself and conclude the Al Bahamut assassination in AC Mirage. 

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