Assassin’s Creed Origins Memphis Side Quests Guide – How to Complete, All Optional Quests in Memphis

Assassin's Creed Origins Memphis Side Quests Guide will discuss all the side activities that can be completed in this area for XP, gear, and other rewards.

Assassin’s Creed Origins Memphis side quests guide is going to discuss all the side activities available in this area. You can complete these quests to earn XP, gear, and other rewards that will help you do better in the main quests.

There are some pretty interesting side quests in this area and you can earn plenty of XP. We suggest being over level 20 before attempting any of these side quests.

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Assassin’s Creed Origins Memphis Side Quests

Incoming Threat
Rewards: 3,000 XP, Rare dual swords.

A DLC quest added in the latest patch of Assassin’s Creed Origins. A new orange icon can be noticed on the world map once the Assassin’s Creed Origins is loaded. This quest is a level 35 side mission that starts off in the city of Herakleion, in Herakleion Nome

A Dream of Ashes
Reward: 300XP
You need to deliver some items to the quest giver. General locations are marked on your map just make sure you use Senu when the objective is in proximity. Mark the main targets that are near the Great Temple, the Eastern District, and the Memphis undergrounds.

Blood in the Water
Look for the crocodile hunter and board his boat. Speak with him and head to the palace to kill the crocodiles in the front of it. Later meat with the hunter at night and look for the two criminals pouring blood in the water to frenzy the crocs.

Odor Most Foul
Reward: 2000XP
This quest is picked up from the temple’s informant table. Speak with the priest near the tombs and see what troubles him. Use Senu to enter the tomb, the entrance is right behind the priest. Jump down from the upper area and you will see the entrance. Investigate the stink and kill the bandits inside before finding the source of the stink.

Reach the Wabet to investigate the mummification process. After speaking with the people inside, speak with the worker in the yard about Natron. He will guide you to the warehouse where the tainted Natron is kept. There you will find the man behind this who will also guide you to the bandit camp where Natron is being mixed. Kill the bandits and put an end to this.

Children of the Streets
Reward: 2500 XP
Catch the thief the shopkeeper is yelling at in the market. He will drop down into a hole where you will face three bandits. The children are being kidnapped and forced to steal by the bandits. Head to the marked location and find the remaining children and rescue them to complete the quest.

Taimhotep’s Song
Reward: 2000XP
Speak with the crying lady in Memphis and use Senu to search and mark the location. You will head south from the Temple of Basin, get the fertility talisman. After that, you need to get two Flaming tongues and 2 heron feathers.

The Baker’s Dilemma
Reward: 1000XP
Find the baker’s taster who is being held captive southeast of the market. Use Senu to locate him.

Mortem Romanum
Reward: 1500XP
Assassinate Gaia on her ship, use Senu along the coast toward the marker to target locate her ship.

This was our Assassin’s Creed Origins Memphis Side Quests Guide. If you have any questions, take to the comments below!

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