Assassins Creed: Brotherhood Walkthrough Guide

Assassin’s Creed saga continues with Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood.

Ezio is back with the title of Master Assassin, this time. He is leading a Brotherhood of Assassins to hunt Templars in Assassins Creed Brotherhood, the only game in the series to feature a multiplayer mode.

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Assassins Creed Brotherhood – Walkthrough

With brief hints on achievements and trophies, you can earn while playing the game.

Sequence 1

Mass Exodus
It begins with simple basics. You need to climb out the pit. Activate Ezio’s Eagle vision. Follow the hand grips to climb up the pits. Follow Mario in the courtyard where you will get first of combat. Nothing to worry about as you can counter them easily with basic skills. Just follow Mario to leave Vaticano.

Note. The respected memories and locations are depicted on the mini map show at the bottom of your screen.

R & R
Mario will leave you and now you have three missions (or memories to be precise) to choose from. You can choose any one of them first but get to the women first and help her in carrying the flowers. That’s all you have to do in this mission. (Don’t get agitated as you will find fun soon. The real fun).

Horsing Around
Next head to the stables and talk to the man who will tell you about his horse who has gotten away. You will catch sight of this horse near the stables. Just follow that horse and press the flashed button on the screen to get hold of it. What now? Return it to the owner as you can’t keep it as your own property 😛

Target Practice
Next memory is about some damaged cannon. Some soldiers on the roof will tell you that an engineer is required to fix the cannon. Your task now is to get an engineer.

Get him (northwest under the fort) and bring him to the cannons. Once he is done fixing it, you will get a chance to fire the cannon. Practice a bit as cannons aren’t easy weapons to use. After hitting 5 targets, you are done with this mission.

Next come back to the place where Mario left you. After a cutscene, you will find yourself on the horse and all you need to do is accelerate it by pressing the required button.

Now it’s time to test your cannon firing skill on enemies. Head to the cannon location (don’t worry when you get knocked down while climbing the stairs as you can always use the hand points to climb up).

Once you are at cannon, you need to take down as many enemy cannons as you can in a quick succession. So aim your targets well and be precise. You can also take two cannon at a time if you accurately place your shot just between them.

Next is an assassination on one of enemy’s leader. Follow the path to the tower. Reach top of the tower using the lift. Now a typical assassins kill, jump onto the glowing target and knock him down with your blade. Finish off rest of them with your combat skills.

Axe users can cause problem for you. Be patient and attack them when you find them off guard (i.e just after they attack you). Once you have dealt with them, a cutscene will play.

Emergency Exit
After the cutscene, head back to the villa entrance (mini map will guide you) and you will find that Claudio is in trouble. Help her and kill all the enemies surrounding her.

Nothing new in this combat as you can use your basic skill to knock them out. Now follow Claudio and take care of any enemies that attack you on your way. Head downstairs which raps up this sequence.

Sequence 2

Acting as Desmond, follow the path to the dead end. Look above to your right and you will find a ledge to climb. Activate the switch that will re-unite you with Lucy.

Note. Desmond have the same skills as Ezio.

Take Lucy with you. Next you will have to activate another switch for her. Look for a ladder which you can use to climb down. Jump across the area to activate the switch. After Lucy is through, use the hold points above to reach above and then use the pole to get across the water and pull another lever. This time, Lucy will also pull a lever which drops the bridge.

Jump into water and use the bridge (hold points) to reach the platform where Lucy is standing. You need to press another lever by climbing up the wooden boards. Next use the lift to head upwards with her. Now at the next platform, place yourself at the glowing position to fling Lucy through the air. Hold the beam she throws.

Further ahead, you will find a locked door. So look for an alternate path. Us that crumbled wall to reach the other side. To get Lucy through from here, you need to activate another switch. So use the wooden beams to get to the lever and then press it.

Use the stairway to get to Lucy. This time too, you are going to need another suspended beam from her to get to her. Use the ladder below and it’s time to press another lever. Use the stairs, jump across and climb up to press the lever.

Then one final glowing spot and you will enter sanctuary. Follow her upstairs and use the eagle vision to read the numbers on the wall. After the cutscene is over, you need to use the your eagle vision to find the power re-router.

Once you have activated it, you will come to know that there are more of them. The power lines can lead you to their location. Use your eagle vision to spot there power lines leading to their exact location.

Once you have activated all three of them, then head back to the chair to activate the “Animus” chair.

As Good as New
Ezio is wounded so you need to find the doctor (your movements wont be smooth due to his wounds). Head to the doctor and use the medicines given by him to restore your health. Then the legendary jump again. Head to the top of Church tower and jump down into a hay pile. Keep yourself hidden in it till the nearby guards start walking. You need to pursue them.

Be careful as you can’t afford to get too near to them. Keep an eye on the meter (it should not get red).Kill them all when you are prompted too.

Well Executed
Your next mission is a simple execution of a murderer. You can begin this mission at the gallows. Head to the marked location on the map and once you are up the building, you can perform an assassination kill from the top. Timing is important here as you need to jump only when the target is just below you.

Finish off the rest of the enemies to complete the mission. You can kill the target otherwise too but you won’t have full synchronization this way.

New Man in Town
Meet Machiavelli and after buying some items, head to the stables after Machiavelli and take out the guard first. Your primary objective here is to kill the Borgia captain.

You can either use the stealthy approach (which is difficult way) or you can head straight in and kill them all. For full synchronization, you need to kill the Captain by tossing him to the scaffolding. Next you need to burn down the tower. So climb to the top of the stables tower and press the required button to complete the task.

Easy come Easy go
Nothing special in this mission except for a thief chase down at the end. Machiavelli will lead you to another location around the stable. Here you will be asked for a job to renovate the stables.Accept the renovation task to trigger the mission. Ride a horse and follow Machiavelli and after the cutscene, capture the thief.

It’s not difficult as you need to run behind him and then the press the flashed button to pounce upon him. This will end the mission. For the full synchronization, don’t loose any health. You can do this simply by avoiding any Borgia guard attention towards you.

Who’s Got Mail
Again following Machiavelli, you will end up in a fight with guards. Kill everyone as pointed by the red arrow. Once you are down with them, follow the guard (who has got a letter) and capture him. Capture him before 1 minute time to get full synchronization which is not a difficult task.

Crepi II Lupo
Head to the marker and you will find yourself surrounded by some wolf dressed people. You can’t loose any health here to get the full synchronization. So what should be done? Here defense if going to be your best offense. So attain a defensive position and wait for them to attack you. Once attacked you can use the counter to intercept the attack and then finish him off.

You can perform sequence of kills using Ezio’s chain kill ability. For the chain kill ability, while killing the first enemy shift your analogue stick to the other enemy and press the attack button.

That enemy will glow now and Ezio will ponce on him next before he can do any damage. You can take out 13 enemies in a sequence by this method but it is recommended that you take 2 or 3 at a time so that you won’t loose any health.

The Halls of Nero
It’s time to press some levers. You need to press 4 of them to reveal the next pathway. Here you need to use the pillars and side supports on the walls to reach the four levers and press them in succession.

Each lever will cause more water to enter the hole which will ultimately will break down. Enter the created hole and you will end up in water. Swim outside and now there are a couple of gates you need to get through. Use the hanging lamps.

Next you need to get past the flaming floor. Obviously you need to take an alternating route so, to the southern area is a pillar you can climb and then there is a lot of jumping and climbing to do. Keep on moving (using tombs and the walls) till you reach your objective i.e is to collect the Romulus scroll.

Collect the scroll from the chest and climb the ladder to complete the mission. You can refer to our Video Walkthrough guide to for further assistance. For full synchronization, you need to complete this task in less than 8 minutes. So you can’t just move around and waste your time.

Roman Underground
Nothing new here. Follow Machiavelli to an entrance. You need to head to Tiber Island Hideout and a complete a brief simple task.

Sequence 3

Double Agent
La Volpe will ask you to take care of the enemy archers. Kill them all. Next you need to escort Claudio to his friends. You don’t need to get spotted by the guards here so you can use crowd to hide your presence. Crowds best suited for you are indicated as yellow. Once you have escorted Claudio, your next job is to reduce your notoriety.

There are 2 ways to reduce your notorious reputation, one is by killing an enemy official (marked as red on your map) or find a herald to do the honors for you. Second one is safer as you don’t want to draw guards attention towards you for complete synchronization.

You can opt for the first one too but be careful that you don’t get spotted by the guards. After you have dealt with your notoriety, head to Volpe and he will ask you to arrange an architect for the renovation of thieves Guild. Find him and this will rap up the mission.

Between a Rock and Hard place
After talking with Bartolomeo, his wife will ask your help with Borgia Captain. Follow him quickly and don’t bother to fight with the guards who will slow you down.

Same exercise again, as you are close enough to him, use your blade to perform a typical assassination to get rid of him. No return to the Borgia tower and burn it down. We already know that how you can burn that tower. Don’t we?.

Head back to Bartolomeo and he will ask for an architect for the renovation of the place. Get an architect and you are done with this mission.

High Stakes Negotiation
Head to the marker and then you are going to need 2500. You can have them from the townfolks’ pockets. After the cutscene, you need to kill the people around you.

Again, you can use the chain kill skill if you want. Just be sure about one thing i.e is you don’t fall in water. It won’t kill you but you will loose synchronization. Head back and meet some people on the rooftops. Find an architect for them and complete the mission.

Collective Sequence
Just a cutscene with Machiavelli, nothing special in it.

Sequence 4

Castello Crasher
You need to be undetected for full synchronization here. You need to move around the premises of the Castle undetected. You can dodge the first guard. While heading to the second checkpoint, you will have to knock out three guards separately.

Once all three guards have passed by, take cover in the hay pile and as the last guard passes near by the hay, you can assassinate him silently. Wait for the next guard to be separated from the other.

Kill him by throwing a knife at him from distance. Kill the last one too using the knife. You can have your knives back from the bodies.

Head to your next checkpoint. Climb up the wall and take down the guard silently from the ledge. Jump over it and head towards the designated spot. Now after the checkpoint look below and you will find another target you can assassinate by pouncing upon him.

Wait for him to get beneath you and then you can attack him. Next there are 2 guards on the rooftop of a building you need to kill. You need to kill them while they are looking other way.Otherwise, they can spot you. Use your knives to take them out.

Use the wires connecting the building and the look tower to get to the keep tower’s wall. Now there is some jumping and clinging to do till you reach the top of the tower. Once you reach the top, silently take out the guard patrolling nearby.

There is another guard patrolling on the far side. Kill him too either using your knife or with timed assassination. Use the successive stairs to reach the lower levels. Be careful of the guard patrolling at the end of second stairs. You need take him out from behind silently.

Then there are 2 more guards in a room you need to kill. Don’t think that you can enter the room and take them out openly (you are on a stealth mission. Remember?).

So wait for them to come out one by one from the room so you can pounce on each of them to assassinate them separately. This ends your mission here.

Femme Fatale
You need a key to open Caterina’s cell. You can have the key from Lucrezia. You can find her in the courtyard after the hall with red carpet. Climb the wall and reach her. Once you confront her, she will call her guards so you need to fight with them before you can get her.

Here you need to take least damage for full synchronization. Once you are done with guards, take her back to the cell. You will face more resistance along your way but that should not be a problem for you. Once you have unlocked her cell, your job is completed.

Burdens we Carry
A stealthy mission again. Just outside the jail room, you will find 2 guards. You could have just knock them off but you should not be spotted here.

Wait for the first guard to get in and then you can assassinate him. Same goes for the second guard or you can pounce back and take him by surprise.

Three more guards up ahead. Kill the first one while others are away from him. Rest of them will come to inspect the body. As they come to inspect. Use you knife to take out both of them. Next there is another guard near the hay pile.

Wait for him to turn his back then you can knock him off from him behind. Another one just up ahead. He wont turn to your side so you can easily take him down.

Next to open the door you need to turn 2 cranks. Both of them are near guards. So drop Caterina, aside and head to the first patrolling guard and take him out. The next one is still above you so you need to be cautious here as you can be spotted by the rooftop guard. Stay out of sight and reach the second crank.

Kill the guard first and then turn the crank. Door will be opened so return to her and take her outside the castle to complete the mission.

Gaurdian of Foli
Simply ride your horse with Caterina and you won’t get any trouble till you reach the end of the the bridge. You will have to hold guards for a particular period of time. Here you can get full synchronization by having a 5 kill streak.

You can use your chain kill skill to knock our 5 of them in a row. Just point to the glowing targets and you can have them. After certain period, you need to get them off your tail. Once you have lost them, your job will end here.

Man of the People
For full synchronization, you can’t loose more health than 5 boxes here. You need to sign to assassins here. Bring out your full map and you can see many people marked in distress. You can go there and help them out then offer them to join you. It’s that simple. Once you have signed 2 people, you are done with this mission.

Serial Offender
Time to check the recruited assassins. Use your map to find the trail if the person you need to kill (blue markers on the map). Follow the markers till you find your actual target marked as red on the map. Chase him and once the target is in range, you won’t kill him on your own this time.

Use one of your recruited assassins to take him out. Red meter under your health will indicate whether your recruited partners are ready or not. Use the prompted button to order an assassination. Interesting. Isn’t it?

Human Cargo
You need to track a target and then execute him when the time is right. Talk to the kid to start the mission. Just follow the yellow marker on your map. Beware as the target can turn back and spot you.

Here you need to blend with a group of people to remove his suspicion on you. Kill him using your fellow assassin when the marker turns red on him. Help your recruits to take out the rest. No further action and your mission will conclude after following some simple instructions.

An unexpected Visitor
Nothing worth of discussion in this memory portions. Use the blue marker on your to find the box.

Open the box and there is a cutscene after that. Now you need to make a choice. Sit on the bench on as Leonardo asked you to. You can buy and upgrade from him i.e obviously if you have cash for it.

War Plans
Your objective is to get rid of the overseer by the Templar. Now you can’t do it on your own. So you need to hire some mercenaries to complete the job for you. Head to the yellow marker and you will encounter a group of mercenaries.

You can hire them for 150 florins. Head to the location of the overseer and target it using your eagle vision and ask the mercenaries to kill him. Your mission is completed once mercenaries have taken care of all of them.

You can’t afford to get spotted in this mission and if you want to have full synchronization then you can’t kill anyone till you have destroyed the blue prints. Now you need to do a lot of sneaking here as you climb over different wall and the rooftops.

You need to avoid any guard’s attention or you will blow up the whole mission. 2 guards (can be more) to avoid till you reach the blue prints. Specially be cautious of the guard on the rooftop before you use the wires to reach the other building.

You can find the blue prints to the north west of the area. A guard is patrolling in the perimeter so you can’t be reckless here. Wait for the guard to turn away and then quickly run to the blue prints and destroy them. From here on you can kill guards but still you can’t afford to get spotted.

Now there is a machine gun on a carriage you need to destroy. Lite the glowing barrel. Now speed your way to complete some checkpoints.

After the blast, you will have to chase the carriage on a horse. Run it as fast as you can and look for the obstacles on your way. After the cutscene you will get hold of the machine gun and use it against the enemies. Attack the ones marked red before they can harm you.

The Plan
This will rap up the sequence. Examine the map and then leave the hideout and you are down here.

Sequence 5

Escape from Debt
Head to Ezio’s mother and the meet Claudio to begin the mission. Find the senator (marked yellow on the map). Protect him from the guards trying to get on him. Once you have dealt with guards, your next task is to escort the senator through a series of checkpoints.

Here things can get a bit tricky as you can’t get spotted for full synchronization. Furthermore the senator don’t have the climbing skills like Ezio. Luckily if the guards spot senator wont mean that they have spotted you too.

You can use your recruits to fight for you. Ask the senator to stand at safe portions while you take care of the guards. You can either assassinate them or you can adopt a more pervert way to distract them by hiring some ladies. You are done with the mission once the escort is completed.

Follow the Money
You need 3000 florins to trigger the mission. What? don’t have it? Then steal it from the people. Once it is activated, you need to follow the guards with money after the talk with senator is over.

Here for full synchronization you can’t be detected and touch the ground. So you need to follow them from rooftop. Be careful of the guards you encounter on the roof.

You can either kill them on your own or you can call your back up assassins to take care of them. Make sure that you don’t loose sight of the money.

They will ultimately enter an open ground. Don’t touch the ground yet and wait for the cutscene to play. After that you can hit the ground and use the statue building to climb up.

Climb down the wall, low enough so that you can perform an assassination. Have the money? This concludes the mission here.

When in Rome
Now you need to deliver the package to the designated location. But wait, where is the exact location? You need to wander a bit before you will come to know the right path.

You have only three minutes to complete it so you need to run. Once you get the call about the right path. Quickly turn your way to that path. Your mission will finish at the end of large bridge.

In and Out
Blend and follow is the main thing you need to do in this mission. You need to hire successive groups of courtesans so that you can blend with them when ever the target looks back. Keep on fillowing the target through the restricted area.

Next you are going to follow the banker. You need to kill the banker in the courtyard. Here you need to use the benches for the complete synchronization.

There are some benches up north you can use. Beware of the guards around. Hire courtesans to engage them while you finish the job. After the silent assassination, leave the area to complete the mission.

Paper Trail
A cutscene and nothing else.

Sequence 6

Gate Keeper
Your skills are going to be tested here. You need to guard the castle from intruders and close all three gates. The trouble is that for full synchronization, you should not take any damage. So what should you do? There are two strategies you can use here.

One is your counter attacking skill and the other aid can be provided by your fellow assassins. You can use them to engage enemies while you are shutting the doors.

Don’t be hasty and act patiently. Once you have closed down all three doors and taken care if rest the remnants, ride a horse to another castle to end the mission.

French Kiss
Well you are not going to be kissed by any French chick here. Rather you need to kill 20 French Soldiers. Simple? I doubt that as you need to do that without being spotted.

What now? Best way is that you hire some mercenaries to do it for you. Your assassins can also come to aid. Move to different patrolling camps and you can find plenty of the French chicks, oh sorry, soldiers completing your task for the missions.

Trojan Horse
You need to guide a crew to a French fortress. A long slow march on horses. Your job here is to guide your crew safely to the designated place and for full synchronization you can’t loose any health. You will encounter groups of enemy soldiers along your way.

You need to take them out before the timer runs out. You need to be quick as you can afford to get spotted by the ones you didn’t kill. After a couple of French groups you will enter the castle.

You should stay ahead of your troop so that you can spot French Soldiers even before the timer starts. Once you have entered the castle, a cutscene will play and then you need to take a few more of them. This concludes your job here.

Au Revoir
You need to complete this task in less than 5 minutes to get the complete synchronization. Head to the yellow spot shown on the map using rooftops.

You will have to kill some of the guards to reach there. Next perform an assassination from above on the glowing targets and then finish off the rest.

Now after pulling the crank, you can’t afford to be get spotted as Bartolomeo’s wife can be killed. Take care of the first guard silently and then proceed to the castle.

Two more silent kills and then you will reach a ledge where you can see your actual target (Baron). Assassinate him from the top and you are good to go.

Sequence 7

Patching the Leak
You need to help La Volpe in a couple of tasks at thieves guild. First you need to protect the guild from the enemy attacks. Waves after waves and you need to deal with them without dropping your health to more than 5 boxes.

Once you have defended the premises successfully, you are to follow Volpe to help 3 thieves in distress fight. After you have helped (which wont be a problem) all of them, you are done with the job.

Calling all Stands-In
After the cutscene, follow Mitcheletto on a horse. You can’t get too near as if he spots you, your mission will be a fail. Follow him as he head to the restricted area.

Use the pillars (after you have gotten off the horse), to reach a vast open area. You need to assassinate Mitcheletto’s contact here. For full synchronization, ask your fellow assassins to do it.

Start following him again to another location. You don’t need to kill but his contacts. Use the rooftops to pursue him and use your fellow assassins to take care of the guards above.

Head down to the circular yard and follow him to the next contact. Assassinate that one too (using your recruit). Follow him further on horse to the next building ending the mission.

Sequence 8

Back to Borgia. Use the wooden supports to enter the interior. Stealth is key here. By now it should be useless to tell you that you can use eagle vision to find the path. After you exit the roof, kill the guards and then enjoy the cutscene.

An Apple a Day
Move to the castle’s roof killing all the guards on your way. Meet with Lucrezia and then you need to chase Cesare in the basement. Use the wall and the hanging platforms to reach the roof top. From here you will have Cesare in your sight.

Jump into the water and start your pursuit. You will be resisted by the Borgia guards. Take them out quickly (avoiding them saves time). Get to the target before the time runs out.

The Apple of Eden
Some apple magic this time. After you have got the apple from the court yard, you can use it to cause damage. You won’t be able to use any other weapon meanwhile.

You need to be careful as these apples takes your health too as they stun enemies. So use them wisely and recover yourself on the regular basis.

You can even make them fight against each other. There will be waves of enemy soldiers. Use the apple power to get rid of them. Once you are done with them, head back to the hideout to end the mission.

Use your new weapon’s power to cause some damage to the military officials. Their location will be marked on the map. Kill different captains and that’s your main goal in this mission.

Seeing Red
Now you need to take care of the remaining guards around the Colosseum. Use apple’s magic to turn the guards against each other. Kill the captains inside using your recruits. Rest will run away making your task easy.

All Roads Lead to
You are heading for a war. So prepare yourself to confront Cesare directly. Don’t worry as you are not alone here. You will have support form Machiavelli, Volpe and Bart.

You can also call in your recruits to help your cause. How long you need to fight? You need to fight till the timer runs out. Once the timer is over, you will finally be able to kick Cesare and soldiers out of the Rome. This also concludes the sequence.

Sequence 9

We are finally at the end of Ezio’s story in the game. Your final fight is with Cesare. But first you need to enter the castle safely to fight him. Be stealthy as you can’t use your recruits here and you are on your own. You can’t afford to loose too much health.

You can avoid guards using the rooftops. Don’t indulge in any fights because if you do, you most probably are going to be overrun by their numbers.

Once you are in the castle, you will face Cesare. Here you need to stick to the basics and damage his armor so that you can perform the final blow and take him out.

He will call his guards to distract but you need to focus on him as much as you can. Once his armor is down, you can finish him off with one final blow which will rap up Ezio’s part in the game but not the game actually.

Finished with Ezio, but what about Desmond? You will be in control of Desmond next and you need to climb some platforms, jump off some hurdles and activate some switches before you finally reach the place where you can find the Apple of Eden.

Your eagle vision and camera rotation will successfully help you in finding the right path. After all the platforms are raised (at the end), kill Lucy and Desmond’s part will also be completed.

Meanwhile, if you are more into visuals, you can watch the Assassins Creed Brotherhood Walkthrough Video Guide.

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