Assassins Creed: Brotherhood Multiplayer Tips

Assassins Creed Brotherhood’s multiplayer is like a cat and mouse play. You will be pursuing your foes silently while on the other hand you need to watch your back all the time. Your aim is to get maximum points among your competitors. You need to stay sharp as danger can lure you from any corner.

Assassins Creed: Brotherhood Multiplayer Tips

Following guide will aid you learning some tricks you can use to survive in Assassins’ world. Let’s start with the basic screen icons:

  • The “Target Data” blip on the top right of your screen will show your target. The blue markers beside it show the other hunters hunting for the same target.
  • The compass helps you in navigating your target. The color change to bright blue indicates the close proximity of the target.
  • The blue line beside the Target Data blip is the detection meter. If it empties completely. Your target becomes aware of you which can make the hunt difficult. The blue lock on the target indicates that the prey is under your weapon range and you can perform the kill.
  • The chase meter tells you about the line of sight after you are spotted. Red color means that the target is in the line of sight of the Pursuer.
  • Your Perks, Kill streaks and Abilities are shown together to the bottom left of your screen.
  • The timer to the completion of the round is shown at the central top portion of the screen.
  • The number of red markers shows how many people are chasing you.

How to be a good Hunter
The patience of a hunter is always more than the prey itself. You need to be steady and keep your target in sight so that he does not get away. The detection meter will tell you whether your prey is aware of you or not.

You should try to keep things silent because if the target comes to know about your presence, the chase begins and your catch can be made difficult. It is suggested that you use the rooftops as they present the broader view and there are lesser chances of losing your target. For more points, you need to be quick as the quickest takes the maximum points.

How to Escape
You need to be quick and dodgy here to lose the pursuer behind you. Red color in the bar will begin the chase. You need to move as fast as you can and take rapid turns to get away from the pursuer’s sight.  Avoid the pursuer till your meter bar turns yellow.

Now you can use the hiding spot to turn it from back to blue. You can also tactically stun your enemies from the back once they have passed beside you, it’s like the hunter gets hunted. Don’t go head to head as the stun range is less than hand weapon range. Successful stun can earn you some time to get away.

You can use Chase breakers to end the chase. These locations are shinning making them detectable. Use them wisely as it takes some time to restore them. Then there are the Hiding spots that can be good option for a clean slate.

But there can be some problems like citizens might get suspicious and you can be targeted easily if you stay at one position for longer periods. You can also assassinate your pursuer after you have kept him off your back. It depends on how much time your pursuers have left on you.