Assassin’s Creed Mirage Abbasiyah Collectibles Locations

You will a host of collectibles while exploring the Abbasiyah region in AC Mirage. From gear chests to artifacts to lore items, this region is filled with items for you to discover.

Various types of collectibles in the Abbasiyah region of AC Mirage are present in different locations. These include Lost Books, Historical Sites, Enigmas, Dervis’ Artifacts, Tales of Baghdad, Mysterious Shards, and Gear Chests. Since there are a lot of them, finding each will be hard.

Read the guide below to learn about the locations of all collectibles in the Abbasiyah region.   

Historical Sites in Assassin’s Creed Abbasiyah 

Historical sites are important locations all over Assassin’s Creed Mirage. Finding all will award you with an Explorer trophy and achievement. These historical sites are represented with glowing orbs or globes, which you need to interact with. 

All historical sites in Abbasiyah are below: 

Astronomical Instruments 

astronomical instruments location AC Mirage

Travel to the viewpoint in the Observatory, and head to the roof to interact with the globe to obtain the Astronomical Instruments historical site in AC Mirage.  

Astronomy and Astrology  

astronomy and astrology in ac mirage

As shown in the map image above, travel to the location, then head to the Observatory viewpoint. Move towards the small wooden shed to interact with the globe of Astronomy and Astrology historical site in Assassin’s Creed Mirage.  


Arabic as a Culture Unifier 

arabic as a culture unifier ac mirage

Travel to the streets shown in the image above and move forward to interact with the globe of Arabic as a Culture Unifier Historical Site next to the blacksmith.  

Translation Movement 

translation movement location ac mirage

From the bridge in the southwest of Scriptorium, move forward to find the orb of the Translation Movement Historical Site on a table before a couple of guards.  


papermaking collectible ac mirage

In the streets west of The Four Markets area, forward to find the globe of Papermaking historical site for this Abbasiyah collectible in AC Mirage. 


slavery location in ac mirage

Travel to the streets south of The Four Markets. Walk towards the small area where a couple of slaves are tied up and interact with the globe of Slavery historical site.  

Muhtasib (Market Inspector) 

muhtasib location in ac mirage

Further south of The Four Markets, you will find another historical site. This will be the Muhtasib Abbasiyah Collectible in AC Mirage.


hammam location in ac mirage

Travel inside the Hammam through the south entrance and pass through two doors. Walk forward to find the Hammam Historical Site.  

“Abbasid Style” 

abbasid location in AC Mirage

Climb up to the roof of Hammam using the walls of the south entrance. Jump forward to the roof covered with green leaves and interact with the “Abbasid Style” Historical Site.  

Dome of the Ass (Donkey) 

dome of the ass location in ac mirage

Climb to the top of the Dome of the Ass using the wooden platforms on the side. At the roof, climb up the dome to the tip and interact with the globe of the Dome of the Ass (Donkey) historical site.  

House of Wisdom 

house of wisdom location in ac mirage

Climb up the wall to the top of the southeast entrance gate. You will find the House of Wisdom Abbasiyah location in AC Mirage here.

Scientific Method 

Enter through the eastern gate of the House of Wisdom and take the first left through the door. After entering the room, make a quick left and interact with the historical site orb.  

Majlis (Intellectual Salon) 

majlis location in ac mirage

Enter through the eastern gate of the House of Wisdom and take the first right through the door. After entering the room, make a quick right and interact with the historical site orb.  

Calculating the Earth’s Circumference 

calculating the earth's circumference collectible in ac mirage

Enter the House of Wisdom using the south gate and sprint in the north direction. You will find the historical site on the inner side of the plaza.  


health care historical site in ac mirage

Enter The Great Bimaristan through the western gate. Take a quick right turn to the healthcare as you enter inside. Turn left and you will find the Healthcare Historical Site orb.  

Tales of Baghdad 

There are quite a few Tales of Baghdad in Assassin’s Creed Mirage that allow you to complete a task offered by the person with the marker. Tales of Baghdad is the second thing you must complete if you want an Explorer trophy and achievement.  

In addition, you will obtain a Crossing Path trophy and achievement if you complete at least one Tales of Bagdad. All Tales of Baghdad collectibles in the Abbasiyah region in AC Mirage are mentioned below: 

A Life’s Work 

A life's work collectible in ac mirage

Outside the entrance of the Observatory and beside the Astronomy and Astrology Historical site, you will see a man sitting on a bench. Approach him and talk to him. He will tell you about how his rival stole his life’s work. 

After walking for a few steps, he will collapse. He will then ask you to find the three pages of his life’s work inside the Observatory. For the first page, walk forward in the right alleyway and turn left to climb up the stairs. Scan the table, and you will find a page highlighted in orange.  

Upon approaching it, it will fly away. Follow it until it lands on the northeast side of the Observatory. The second page is inside the building, but the door is locked. So, descend the stairs, and ahead, you will see a movable shelf on your left.  

Move it to your right and climb until you can see the door through the window on your northeast. Throw a knife at the lock to break it. Once it is broken, climb down and move around to the entrance. Enter and go upstairs to collect the second page on the table.  

For the last page, unbar the window to jump outside. Walk on the rope on your left and move forward by jumping on the wooden panels. Move the shelf to the end and climb onto the top. The third page is on the table beside a massive astronomical device.  

Return all three pages to the man and finish the conversation with his son to complete this Abbasiyah collectible in AC Mirage.

Blade In The Crowd, Tool In The Shed 

blade in the crowd tool in the shed collectible in ac mirage

Travel to the location in the market, as shown on the map above, and talk to the man standing beside the ladder. After talking with him, walk with him and assassinate all the enemies in the area. After all the foes are dead, the tale will be complete.  

Dervis’ Artifacts 

Dervis’ Artifacts are materials that you can trade for upgraded materials. As you progress in the game, you will need more powerful weapons, which means you need to upgrade the potential of your existing weapon. You need upgrade materials, and Dervis’ Artifacts are the best way to get them.  

You can also get Treasure Hunter costumes if you collect all artifacts and give them to Dervis. All of Dervis’s Artifacts collectibles in Abbasiyah in AC Mirage are below: 

Round Moon Plaque 

round moon plaque collectible in ac mirage

Travel to the north of Hammam to the street by the river. Pickpocket the woman standing ahead to get the Round Moon Plaque Dervis’ Artifact.  

Small Chinese Box 

small chinese box collectible in ac mirage

Travel west of The Four Markets and pickpocket a woman, where you find the Papermaking Historical Site.  

Tang Censer 

tang censer collectible ac mirage

Travel south of Hammam and pickpocket a construction worker to get the Tang Censer Dervis Artifact.  


olibanum collectible in ac mirage

In the far west of The Great Bimaristan, pickpocket a man walking on the streets. Since he is walking, the location might vary, but the person roams in this area.  

Gear Chest 

Apart from getting upgradable materials, you will also get upgrade schematics, which will help you get more powerful weapons. These schematics and gears are obtained by opening chests tucked away in restricted areas.  

Below are all the Gear Chests collectibles in the Abbasiyah region of AC Mirage. 

Abbasid Knight Sword – Scriptorium 

abbasid knight sword location in ac mirage

Head inside the Scriptorium and enter the building in the northeast. Loot the chest upstairs to find the Gear Chest.  

Zanj Uprising Dagger – The Four Markets 

zanj uprising dagger location ac mirage

To obtain this Gear Chest, pickpocket a key to the locked door before heading out to the chest’s location. Travel northeast of The Four Markets and enter the house marked in the map image above. Go upstairs and silently pickpocket the man standing at the window.  

Once you have the key, reach the chest’s location. Enter the house beside your destination using the key and unbar the second door ahead. Grab the explosive in the room and carry it outside through the second door.   

Throw the explosive at the locked building with destructive walls right from the second door. After destroying it, grab another explosive from the same place. While carrying the explosive, enter the house through a broken wall and throw it at the destructive roof.  

Move the movable shelf to align it below the broken roof. Climb it to the second floor and open the chest. 

Abbasid Knight Sword (upgrade schematic) – Scholar’s Estate 

abbassid knight sword upgrade schematic location 1 ac mirage

Enter Scholar’s Estate through the northeast entrance and sprint forward to climb the stairs. Turn left and right at the end to enter the building on your right. Grab the key from the ground floor and return to the northeast entrance.  

Climb the wall and swing the sword at the window to destroy it. Enter the building through this broken window and pull forward the shelf. Open the chest behind the shelf and obtain the Abbasid Knight Sword (Upgrade Schematic).  

Zanj Uprising Dagger (upgrade schematic) – Hammam 

zanj uprising dagger upgrade schematic location ac mirage

Enter Hammam through the northwest entrance, as marked by an orange cursor in the image above. Sprint forward to the right alley and destroy the destructive window on your left. Pull forward the movable shelf and grab the explosive outside the building.  

Carry it and throw it at the destructive wall on your left after leaving the building. Enter through this broken wall and head inside the storage room to open the Gear Chest.  

Abbasid Knight Sword (upgrade schematic) – House of Wisdom 

abbasid knight sword upgrade schematic 2 ac mirage

The chest is inside the rooftop tower, but you need a key. The key is held by NPC, as marked in the image above. Climb up the eastern roof of the House of Wisdom and pickpocket the key from the NPC. If pickpocketing does not work, kill him and get the key from his dead body.  

Once you have the key, reach the chest’s location. Use the lift to up and climb up to the top. Throw the knife at the destructive ceiling through the window on your left.  

Drop down at the lift location and enter the tower. Unlock the door using the key on your right and climb up through two ladders. Since you have unblocked the entrance to the highest level, you can now access it. Open the chest in the room and obtain the Abbasid Knight Sword (Upgrade Schematic).  

Zanj Uprising Dagger (upgrade schematic) – The Great Bimaristan 

zanj uprising dagger upgrade schematic 2 ac mirage

Climb up the eastern wall of The Great Bimaristan using the sheds and the boxes on your left. Once you are at the top, look inside through an eastern window and throw the knife at the door’s lock to unbarred it.  

Enter the tower through this door and loot the chest by moving the shelf.  

Mysterious Shards 

Mysterious Shards are keys to obtaining exclusive and unique gear and weapons by opening chests in the wilderness of AC Mirage. These exclusive and unique gear and weapons include The Samsaama Dagger, the Shamshir-e Zomorrodnegar Sword, and the Milad’s outfit. 

These shards are carried by the people Tha’abeen, with one or two guards. So, be careful when pickpocketing these collectibles from such individuals in Abbasiyah in AC Mirage. Below are all the locations of Mysterious Shards in the Abbasiyah region.  

Mysterious Shard # 01 

Travel to the bridge connecting The Great Bimaristan and the pharmacy of Haylanah. Silently pickpocket it off from the moving man on the bridge.  

Mysterious Shard # 02 

Travel northwest of the Scriptorium and pickpocket the mysterious shard from the man in the black robe walking in the streets.  

Lost Books 

Lost Books are a unique collectible that will reward you with one skill point per book. Since AC Mirage has a leveling system, skill points will be useful as you progress in the game. You will also get a Scholar Token by giving the Lost Book to Al-Jahiz.  

Collecting all six Lost Books collectibles in AC Mirage and giving them to Al-Jahiz, you will get a Scholar Costume. Below are the locations of all Lost Books in the Abbasiyah region.  

Al-Khwarizmi: Al-Jabr 

Travel to the location shown in the image above and enter the building by breaking the destructive door and swinging your sword at it. Pull forward the movable shelf, go upstairs using the stairs at the back of the shelf, and grab the Lost Book from the table.  


Enigmas are like puzzles that will reward you with outfit dyes and talismans if you solve or complete them. Enigma is a two-part puzzle; the first part requires you to collect a collectible. This collectible is usually a drawing or map of the location.  

You will get the reward by getting to the location and completing the riddle. All the Enigma collectibles in the Abbasiyah region in AC Mirage are below: 

Delight By The Dome 

Drop down from the viewpoint of the Mosque and grab the Enigma from the entrance at the north.  

The Gift 

Jump to the roof of the house marked in the image and grab the enigma from the table. 

A Challenge 

Climb up the house marked above and grab the Enigma from the balcony.  

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