Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag Multiplayer Map Tips and Strategy Guide

Tips and strategies to dominate all the maps in Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag Multiplayer.

Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag isn’t just about Edward Kenway’s pirate life and the assassinations he has performed, it’s also about brutal interactive fun against others looking for some insane acrobatic slaying.

It’s the multiplayer that provides that twist, returning many of the adored modes that were featured in the previous games.

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Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag Multiplayer Maps

There are eight different maps that form the battlegrounds for the maniacal multiplayer modes you wish to endeavor in, each one fairly different, large, and providing lots of opportunities, irrespective of your class or personal play-style.

Saint Piere

Saint-Piere is a classically Assassin’s Creed styled map, with closely positioned buildings, narrow streets, and shrubs to hide in and ambush players from. Players with fluent and agile movements will take a lot of benefits from them.

Tips and Strategy
Saint-Piere is a very typical AC map, and players used to climbing on roofs and shimmying about will find it fairly easy to maneuver across. The map has some various key locations, of which many involve Closing Gates that can be utilized to lure enemies.

The northern courtyard region, and the building located immediately west from the center of the map are probably the two locations with the most happening. There are Closing Gates located in these regions and plenty of places to hide and utilize.

Use the houses to your advantage and take refuge in these areas if you have too many pursuers. Check the rooftops, which are quick areas to traverse the map, but can be risky as they would be widely used.

LA Havana

An intense map with a mix of open terrain and low-ceiling buildings, La Havana provides fast-paced action regardless of the mode. There are plenty of open regions here that can leave you exposed for large periods of time, but the narrow streets also provide you with adequate cover.

Tips and Strategy
You’d want to be using projectile weapons like Pistols and Smoke Bombs for this intense map, which are better suited to its structure that Knives. The northern market region is the most exposed area, and will get you detected if your stay is long enough. This is one place you want to avoid unless absolutely necessary.

Aerial kills are the main happenings of this map, and ironically the safest place to avoid those is the market region. However, your risk should also be lowered relatively in the western courtyard and in the southeastern building.

Avoid standing still for too long in all the other places to become a victim of death from above. It’s actually safer and faster in this map to run on the rooftops than on the ground, which will negate the issue of aerial assaults.

Saba Island

The Saba Island map can be identified by its mountainous parameters and the jungle that occupies the central part of the map. The rest of the map consists of various buildings, some taller than others, and many interconnected, providing plenty of opportunities for those who love aerial kills.

Tips and Strategy
The central jungle of the map is a very dense area – players here will need to tread carefully here and look out for rivals on the ground and on the trees. Anyone who can get to this place first and utilize it successfully will surely be able to pick off some kills here.

Utilize the racks at the southeast corner of the map to ambush enemies or to turn the tables when you are being chased by pursuers. Most of the houses are connected together by plank walkways, so try to avoid the narrow alleys to prevent being killed by an aerial attack.

The center of the map has a tall building. This building provides an excellent overview of the entire map. Use it as a vantage point whenever you can make your way to it. Be careful though, as many eyes will be prying that area, and you’ll be an easily spotted prey for a fast climber.


With a tower looming in the center, and highly exposed areas in both ends of the map, Palenque is a challenging zone that encourages face-to-face combat and flanking with its bi-polar design.

Tips and Strategy
The regions of the Artifacts in Artifact Assault are very open, which will encourage players to move into the center to form the heat of battle. The problem is that the upper regions are all elevated as well, making you more exposed with higher chances of being spotted. Try to use cover and blend in with the buildings.

One very important place in the map is the central tower. Though it’s not very tall, it certainly does provide an excellent vantage point, giving you a bird’s eye view of majority of the map. It will also leave you reasonably exposed to projectile fire, so make sure your stay there is short.

Because the two ends of the map are fairly open, there are some good opportunities to flank. The northern part of the map can be flanked from the northeast, while the southern region from the southwest. Booby-trapping these areas should be of utmost priority to prevent enemies from doing so, especially in Artifact Assault.

Santa Lucia

Located near the shores, the Santa Lucia map is small, compact, and fairly dense. This makes it very intense, yet very frustrating, as it provides plenty of cover and encourages hit-and-run techniques.

Tips and Strategy
The major part of the map is the large central fish market. Most players will be using this to transition from one part of the map to the other. In Artifact Assault, the two Artifacts are located very close to each other, which encourages gran-and-run tactics, while utilizing the size of the fish market.

Knives work great here, better than pistols and other projectiles since the area is so compact. You can expect a lot of patrolling rivals on rooftops of the buildings, and using your knives will do you good.

Free-running is a big part of the map, and will allow you to evade and frustrate enemies, provided you are good enough. If you don’t have decent control over your character, and can’t execute various acrobatic maneuvers seamlessly, then this map isn’t for you.


Located on a strange mansion-like area, this map has enclosed regions that surround one large and highly vulnerable central plaza. The absence of walkways either means a breath of relief or the demand of coming up with new ideas, depending on your strengths and weaknesses.

Tips and Strategy
The Chase Breakers need to be Booby-trapped, that is the first thing you should be worrying about.

The second thing to worry about is the central plaza, which is a highly exposed area. It is the only place with a threat from above, as foes can spot you from the walkways. Use the crowd south of the plaza to blend in if you find yourself being eyed on by some foe.

The map otherwise is all about anticipation and interception. Since there are no true walkways anywhere else, you can just focus on ambushing enemies in clever ways on foot. Using pistols and projectiles here is mostly useless, unless you are addicted to the walkways around the central plaza.

A Teleport Ability will do you loads of good in this place, allowing you to transition between two ends of the map without needing to set foot in the plaza itself. The corridors in the southeastern region and the nearby wooden panels are great spots to wait and intercept enemies in various game modes.


The harshness of the Prison map comes from its flat design that converges towards its center, a large open courtyard that all eyes will be upon. The remaining bit of the map is cubicles of doom that have minimal margin for error.

Tips and Strategy
The flatness of this map makes it very difficult for those attention-seekers to taste success. The best approach here is to be stealthy. Thus, the use of Tripwire Bombs and Booby Traps becomes that much more essential, especially in modes like Domination.

The center area also allows one to score acrobatic skills via the scaffold. You can also utilize the Chase Breakers, and this is the reason why the Unstoppable perk is extremely effective in this map.

The map overall is designed for a cat-and-mouse skirmish, making it challenging and fun for those with patience and maturity.

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