Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag Legendary Ships Battle Guide

There are five Legendary Ships in Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag; each of which is level 75. And in case, you are wondering, there are not called LEGENDARY for nothing. Take battle to them prior to any arrangements and they will crush you down.

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Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag Legendary Ships

These legendary ships are extremely hard to take out, reaping the rewards is irresistible. Make sure you have installed all the upgrades on Jackdaw before taking on these ships so as to stand a chance against them.

HMS Fearless and Royal Sovereign

Location: Eleuthera Zone
HP: 25,000 for each of the two
Rewards: 10,000R for each of the two

These two ships will try to tackle you by moving in opposite direction i.e. one in clockwise and the other one in anti-clockwise direction. You should take on them head on and keep at least one of them pinned down by your Chain Shot and then ram it at full throttle.

Come to a halt and steer towards the ship again to attack it with Chain Shot and then ram it again.

At this point, you need to make sure that the ship doesn’t float away leaving you behind. To prevent this, you need to keep it pinned down with your Chain Shots and ram it in-between. Don’t worry about the second ship as it won’t take part in the fray.

Once you have successfully sunken the first ship, divert your attention to the other one. This ship will take on your strategy and will start ramming your ship which causes massive damage.

Take on the same strategy and keep it pinned down with the Chain Shots and Cannons; along with ramming it during the reload times. Just keep her pinned down until it is sunken.

HMS Prince

Location: Navassa Zone
HP: 50,000
Rewards: 20,000 R

This ship is insanely fast and will try to make its distance while attacking the Jackdaw with the Mortars. The location of where the Mortar fires will land will appear on your screen marked by Yellow Markers. So, when you see one, make sure to change your direction.

The next thing you want to do is to keep on chasing the enemy ship and pinning it down by using your Chain Shots.

When you have come closer to the ship; ram into it and remain stationary. Doing so will restrict the ability of HMS Prince to fire the Mortars against you. You can also try letting it go for a while and use your Chain Shots and Cannons against it.

Keep on repeating this technique until the HMS Prince is destroyed.

El Impoluto

Location: Dry Tortuga
HP: 50,000
Rewards: 30,000R

This one is a lot harder than the HMS Prince. So make sure, you have repaired the Jackdaw before getting in the battle. El Impoluto is a whole lot aggressive than the HMS Prince and will try to ram you down.

The best strategy that will work against this ship is to take on an aggressive approach. Keep on chasing this ship and keep it pinned down with the Chain Shots and Cannons along with ramming it in-between.

There will come certain moments when it will come behind you and ram the Jackdaw. So make sure to throw in explosive barrels and brace for impact.

Hitting the ship on the either side will do maximum damage. One of the most important things to keep in mind is to brace whenever you see the incoming shots.

Keep on hitting it with the Swivel Guns when its HP is low and take it out with a final ram at full speed.

La Dama Negra

Location: Serranilla Zone
HP: 30,000
Rewards: 20,000R

The most frustrating attack at La Dama’s disposal is the Mortar shot which is not even marked and will NOT appear on your screen unlike HMS Prince. So you can’t possibly avoid it by looking at the flashing screens and will have to learn and follow the pattern of the shots.

Besides this, I mean if you can learn the pattern and how to avoid the shots, this is the easiest fight among the Legendary Ships. My best tactic against this ship is to keep it pinned with the Chain Shots and ramming it at different intervals.

One of the best ways to restrict its ability to fight Mortars is to stick close to it as it cannot fire mortars from close range.
Keep on repeating these tactics to sink the last ship in no time.

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