Assassin’s Creed 3: The Infamy Main Quest Guide

Assassin’s Creed 3 The Infamy is the first part of the ‘Tyranny of King Washington’ series of downloadable content. It sets the theme of and alternate take on the revolution of America.

In this alternate reality Connor wakes up in his village to find that his mother is alive and everything he fought for in the actual game never happened. We’ve compiled a guide to help you through the main story missions and how to achieve 100% synchronization.

After you’re done with the opening sequence, Follow your mother as she takes you to a cliff that you must climb. After your ascent, you will be prompted to rescue the Huntress who is being attacked by a few guards. Take out the guards with the help of your mother.

After the cutscene, you’ll get a new optional objective; Kill 5 Bluecoats while remaining undetected. Proceed to the church via the cemetery. You will see a guard here standing next to a haystack who your mother will kill. However, if you’re fast enough, you can stealthily kill the guard yourself and have it count towards your optional objective.

If you look at the map, you’ll notice that there is a guard in front and a bit to the left of the cemetery with his back to you (a fatal mistake). Sneak up behind him and kill him from the bushes. Now there is another guard to the right and one that paces around here a bit. Take them down in whatever order you wish but timing is important as you don’t want to be spotted.

Now the last guard is found kneeling on the path along the side of the house, you can kill him any way you please, but standing at the corner while whistling for his attention worked for us.

Now you can kill the remaining guards any way you like, and then head for the church door. After the cutscene, hotfoot it after Kaniehi:io to avoid the cannon barrage.

You’ll get to the cannons where you need to clear out the bluecoats to stop the firing. Once you do so there will be another cutscene after which you get another optional objective; this time to not let any Bluecoats into Concord. Commandeer the cannons and focus-fire the groups of soldiers that are heading straight into the town.

After the cannons, follow Kaniehi:io again. She will eventually take you to Lexington where you meet King Washington. After yet another cutscene, you need to stop some bluecoats from lighting the fuses of some explosive barrels around town. Make sure not a single fuse is lit if you want 100% synch. There’s no trick to this, all you can do is focus on the ones lighting the fuses to the exclusion of all the other enemies.

Warn the Village
After the opening cutscene in this one, grab a horse and follow after your mother as you ride to warn your village. Eventually you will be ambushed by bluecoats and your horse will be shot. Simply fight off the aggressors and try to keep your mother alive. You will get new mounts and continue onwards to the village.

After more cutscenes, you will have to defend the village from the numerous enemy forces that are attacking. Just keep fighting them off until King Washington shows up. You will fight him and you will lose.

There are no optional objectives in this one, you automatically get 100% synch.

Sky World Journey
Quite some time has passed since the time you tried to kill Washington. Go to the willow tree waypoint and talk to the man kneeling by the campfire when you get there.

After your chat, scale the tree. When you get near the top, you will find an area that’s carved out. Interact with the carving to collect a sample of the bark. Now dive down to the bush and head to the campfire to brew some tea with the bark.

After you ingest the funky concoction, you’ll enter a world similar to the animus, where you will find some spirit wolves. Follow the wolves as they lead you through this world. There will be sections where you slide down some slippery slopes. As you do so, make sure to steer yourself right and left to avoid the rocks on the way if you want 100% synch.

Soon, you’ll find yourself tracking an Elk. Listen for the beast’s heartbeat to track it (your screen distorts in harmony with the beats) and keep heading in the direction the sound leads you to find it.

After chasing it for a bit you’ll be prompted to kill it undetected (for 100% synch). Use the new Wolf Cloak power to turn invisible and slay the animal.

After you wake up you’ll find yourself surrounded by bluecoats. Use the Wolf Cloak to hide in the bushes until they go away or you regain your health (using Wolf Cloak depletes your health).

Use Wolf Cloak to move from bush to bush until you get to the area where your equipment is being held. There are three chests you may have to check for your belongings, but in our playthroughs it was always in the chest in the middle, in the open area.

One-Man Wolf Pack
In this mission, you will come across one of your tribesmen looking for his missing brother. We need to help him out using Connor’s new skills. Follow the man to the green area, where you can find a total of four clues using eagle sense. The clues are; a dead man next to the base of a tree, a broken bow, a doused campfire and a cart with some bodies nearby.

After finding all the clues, and a cutscene, you will proceed up the hill and follow the trail to the bluecoat camp. As you proceed, you’ll spot two blue coats traveling up the same trail you are a bit ahead of you.

Run up behind them and use your bow to kill them both with a single arrow (line up the shot carefully). This will complete the optional objective and bring you closer to the 100% synch rate.

Once you’re at the camp, call in your wolf pack to attack the enemy. When the man you interrogate tries to flee, call in the pack again to hunt him down for 100% synch.

After things settle a bit, take to the trees and continue to your mission waypoint. You’ll come to a firing line, so air assassinate two of them immediately. In the ensuing melee, you should call in the wolf pack for assistance. Eliminate all enemies to finish the mission.

Path of Revenge
In this part, you mist interact with the dying Clan Mother to begin. After the cutscene that occurs, you’ll be prompted to check out a bluecoat camp for clues to Benedict Arnold’s location. Follow the waypoint to get to the camp. The camp is a hostile area so you will be attacked on sight; so use Wolf Cloak to move around through bushes.

You’ll need to listen in on some conversations going on in the camp but you cannot be using the bushes for stealth while doing so or you will fail the optional objective.

Start by going to the right of the two men needed to start the eavesdrop. There you will find a haystack you can hide in. They will begin to move. Keep behind them while you’re still cloaked.

The Bluecoats will stop in an area where you can hop into a haystack or the well to heal. Once the begin moving again, they won’t go far and they will stop in front of the house. Stay cloaked until the eavesdrop is over and hide in the nearest bush to heal.

Next you need to secure a slave convoy before it gets where it’s going. You have a limited amount of time to get there and once there you’ll need to eliminate the escorts to free the slaves. Use your wolf pack power to make this easier on yourself. After this the mission is over.

Justice Served
In the beginning of this mission you will be told that guard dogs can detect you through the wolf cloak. You will have to kill them to stay undetected, or lay down bait.

Proceed down the hill and into the bush. Bait will already be out for you to lay it down. The guard dog will get a whiff and head towards it. Get out of the red zone and become anonymous to continue.

Using your Wolf Pack to kill guards will not raise the alarm so use that to your advantage. Stay away from guard dogs and make your way to the yellow area. There, use eagle vision to find your target.

Once you’ve found him, follow after him as he goes on a trip to meet Arnold. You’ll eventually come to an area with a Bluecoat and a guard dog. Bait the dog and kill it, then get rid of the Bluecoat by using your cloaking or your Wolf Pack.

Cloak past the guards sitting atop their horses and stay off the road. You’ll come across an area with a bunch of Bluecoats. Avoid them by cloaking and continuing toward the target. You’ll eventually trigger a new cutscene.

After the cutscene you need to create a distraction by releasing the bear in the cage. Do this without killing or alerting the guards for 100% synch. There is a neat trick to do this; simply sneak up to the guards and call in the wolf pack to eliminate the ones in your way.

Wolf pack kills don’t count against you. Free the bear and sit back at a safe distance while it does its work. You can also use the tree branches and drop down behind the guards and access the cage that way.

Afterwards, the gate of the fort opens and a bunch of guards rush out. Use Wolf Cloak and infiltrate the fort. There are a great number of bushes and haystacks here so use them to regain health while you head up the hill inside the fort in Wolf Cloak mode.

Use Eagle Vision to spot Benedict Arnold and Wolf Cloak to assassinate him.

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