Assassin’s Creed 3 Sequence 9 100% Sync Guide

After escaping the prison in Sequence 8, you will find yourself in New England in the middle of winter, so you might want to get a hold of a horse unless you feel like trudging through the snow during Assassin’s Creed 3 Sequence 9.

New York is now available to you, and you should seize the opportunity to add more assassins to your crew. When you’re ready to begin the missions, go find General Washington.

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Assassin’s Creed 3 Sequence 9 100% Sync

Interlude #2
You will have to find another power source for the animus but this time you will have to deal with heavy security. The power source is located in Brazil in an arena. After you get out of the train, head up the stairs towards the right. You will notice wanted posters but don’t worry; the people are too busy to take notice but if the guards notice you, then there will be trouble.

There will be ticket booths in front of you, and since you don’t have a ticket you are going to have to sneak past security using the door in the right corner. Hide in the bushes and wait for the guards to go away before taking the stairs to your immediate left.

Go straight and there’s another checkpoint, go to the bathroom right in front of you, and you should find a way around. Once again, a checkpoint awaits you so take the small path to the right on the way. Climb up over the fence, go up the ladder and jump out the window. Use the crowds to avoid the guard’s attention. They won’t notice you right away and won’t be able to see you behind other people.

Now you’re inside the stadium in the private box. Walk along the girders, across the ring and on to the other private box. Walk along the path and when you get close to one of the rooms, you get a cut scene. Chase after Cross, don’t worry if the guards notice you, you can’t do anything about it at this point.

Beat him up in the courtyard and you will get the power source. Keep going straight and you will be told of the train waiting for you, you can’t waste time so don’t worry about the guards. Take a right down the stairs and go past the ticket booth to your right to catch the train and get back to your base.

Mission 1: Missing Supplies
You’ll get a mission that involves Ben Church and supply lines. Enter the abandoned church to meet up with your father for a surprise team up and search for and analyze clues.

Eventually, after following where the clues lead you, you’ll stumble upon a broken-down wagon where a chase scene begins. You must catch the runner within 30 seconds if you want full synchronization.

Next you will have to tail a caravan (without hiding in the very conveniently placed hay cart for 100% sync). You can pretty easily do this if you stick to the trees and make sure to keep moving so as to not fall behind.

Once you’ve reached the camp, you receive an optional objective of killing three guards without being detected. It’s not difficult, but keep in mind that the laborer nearby seems to be very tolerant of violent murders occurring near him so don’t be afraid to break a few necks in his vicinity.

There are two guards strolling while having a conversation, follow them undetected, and you will eventually be led to the captured Haytham. Kill all the mercenaries and free him.

Mission 2: Father and Son
Now you find yourself in New York, go find the bench where you need to meet up with Haytham to begin the mission.

Follow Haytham along the rooftops to the church. You need to steal a guard’s uniform in order to enter and to complete the optional mission you need to do it undetected. Look for a set of tall boxes in the street near where the guard patrols.

They form a little alcove that will largely protect you from view; hide back here, whistle at the guard to lure him over, and kill him with a corner kill. Make sure that there aren’t any other Redcoats in the area, and you should be able to nab the clothes without any problems.

Mission 3: The Foam and Flames
This mission starts with Connor and his father both falling into a trap as you are ambushed and the brewery is set aflame around you.

The optional objectives for 100% synchronization consists of not letting Haytham fall below 50% health and not taking any fire damage. The first is a bit difficult as the enemies are quite numerous and the grenadiers can be very annoying but use of smoke bombs to stun, and poison will make your life a lot easier.

After the fight, you need to escape the burning building, preferably without touching the flames. This isn’t too difficult as there is no time limit, and thus you can proceed slowly and carefully.

Mission 4: A Bitter End
A naval mission, this last bit of Sequence 9 will see you chasing after a small ship that will hopefully lead you to Ben Church. There are two optional objectives here; stay within 500 meters of the ship and to limit the environmental damage you take to 20%.

This can be tricky as the chase takes you through some pretty narrow channels. Judicious use of both full sail and half sail will see you through successfully but there’s really no other advice I can give you.

After the chase is a naval battle with a number of small ships and a Man-o-War, use the swivel guns to take down the smaller boats then use the chain shot to cripple the Man-o-War by destroying its mast.

Board the ship and get to fight. You’ll need to get at least three consecutive kills in order to complete another optional objective. Once that’s done assassinate the three officers on board and head below decks to find and kill Ben Church.

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