Assassin’s Creed 3 Sequence 8 100% Sync Guide

After killing Pitcairn during the iconic battle of the bunker in Sequence 7, Connor is tasked to follow a counterfeiter without getting caught. The guide below focuses on Assassin’s Creed 3 Sequence 8 and will help you get 100% sync.

Things have settled down a notch, but that doesn’t mean your job has become easier. There are more surprises ahead!

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Assassin’s Creed 3 Sequence 8

Mission 1: Something on the Side
When you start the mission and get to the counterfeiter, you have to follow him but don’t get caught. He will turn around after an encounter with a thief.

You have three side objectives, don’t tackle or shove anyone, perform a static eavesdrop and perform a mobile eavesdrop. You can get the static objective in the first eavesdrop by jumping on the trees to avoid detection, once the conversation starts, stay there and don’t move while you listen to the conversation. Doing so will complete your objective.

For the mobile eavesdrop, you have to follow the conversationalists without raising suspicion, for which you will have to peak through the corners, stay close and blend in people. Use the crowd and obstacles to avoid detection as usual. Both of them will rarely turn around so just keep following them until they reach the end of the alley. Once here, you can follow the person towards the next area and a cutscene will start

For the mobile eavesdrop, you have to follow the conversationalists without raising suspicion. Use the crowd and obstacles to avoid detection as usual.

The third side objective comes into play when you are chasing Hickey. He will take you through crowds of people and even throw money to create crowds. You have to avoid shoving or tackling anyone through all this, which can be pretty tricky.

Just focus on slowing down when you’re turning in on the corners so that you don’t end up shoving someone. Rotate the camera to locate Hickey and then run after him. You will be able to tackle him in the market and doing so will complete the mission.

Try to catch him as soon as possible to complete the objective easily. If you restart from a checkpoint, you know what path he will take, try to cut him off to catch up to him easily. The mission is completed once you catch up to him.

Completing these tasks will allow you a 100% sync for the optional objectives.

Mission 2: Bridewell Prison
Connor had ended up in Bridewell Prison. Eavesdrop on the conversation in the cell next to you. There is nothing more you can do now so go to bed.

After you wake up a guard opens up the cell door, follow him. In the common area, you have to talk to Weems, you don’t have to bother with winning the game. Weems will tell you of the stolen key, go to the third floor to find the guy who stole it.

Pickpocket the guy making sure no guards are looking. Once you find that the key doesn’t work, go back to talk to Weems. Start fighting the group Weems tells you to, and you will get thrown in the cell.

Pickpocket the guard once he stands close to your cell. Now you have to sneak out. Use the key to open the cell and head down the hallway and up the stairs making sure not to get detected or kill any guards.

Mason will tell you about the VIP area, go to the area, and now you have 2 minutes to find hickey’s cell to complete the side quest. Don’t rush it, make sure not to get detected, once the path is clear enter Hickey’s cell to end the mission.

Mission 3: Public Execution
Connor is in even more trouble now as he heads for execution. Call in your assassins once you are prompted and now the real challenge starts. You have to keep Washington’s guards alive and kill two of the enemy militia men for 100% synchronization.

If you start killing the militia men, Hickey will get to Washington and his guards, so you have to get to Hickey first and get his attention.

Start a fight with him but don’t kill him, take the fight where there are militia men around, kill two of them and once you have completed the side objective, kill Hickey.

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