Assassin’s Creed 3 Sequence 7 100% Sync Guide

After completing Sequence 6, Conner will start getting into the thick of things in the American Revolution, with iconic moments such as the battle of Bunker Hill and Paul Revere’s Ride. Below is a detailed Assassin’s Creed 3 Sequence 7 100% Sync Guide.

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Assassin’s Creed 3 Sequence 7

Mission 1: Paul Revere’s Midnight Ride
In this mission you need to escort Paul Revere and avoid redcoat patrols while doing so. The mission is fairly straightforward.

You need to get to three houses that Revere will guide you to and knock on the lit doorways. The two requirements for full synchronization are; that you must not trigger open conflict and you must reach Prescott’s location within two minutes.

The first house has a few British soldiers standing out front so you’ll have to wait for them to leave before making your move. Keep in mind that Revere might give away your location so I recommend you keep your distance.

The second house is located near where you got Troy’s mission but the third is actually a trap. Getting away can be a problem as the redcoats do not hesitate at downing your horse.

When you regain control of Connor, turn about 45 degrees to the right of the marker and head up the hill through a copse of thin white trees. If you make it without initiating open combat you’re golden, simply travel through the woods now to your destination.

Optional objectives:

Complete these objectives to obtain 100% synchronization on the mission.

  • Do not trigger open conflict.
  • Reach Prescott’s location within the given time 1:55

Mission 2: Lexington and Concord
After you receive this mission you will be asked to travel to Concord with news of the impending attack. There is a side mission for 100% synchronization in which you need to rescue hostages in one of the villages along the way.

Simply find the red waypoint on your HUD to come across a group of soldiers escorting the prisoners. Shoot the captain, kill the rest, and then continue to Concord.

You now need to use the defenders of Concord effectively against the attacking patriots. Ride around on your horse while giving orders to the three firing lines constantly to halt the redcoat advance.

There is another side quest which involves killing at least 7 foes in one salvo but that will occur rather frequently so no need to worry. Once you’ve killed about 130 Brits you’ll charge across the bridge to rout the remaining enemies and trigger a cutscene.

Optional Objective:

Rescue civilian Hostages: There is a side mission for 100% synchronization in which you need to rescue hostages in one of the villages along the way

Mission 3: Conflict Looms
The revolution has begun in earnest, and it’s time for you to do your part. You need to cross Charlestown to the harbor and take care of two ships that are trying to destroy the camp on Bunker Hill. Furthermore, if you want 100% sync, you’ll need to cross the town without taking damage, air assassinate a grenadier and remain undetected while on the ships.

Cross Charlestown without taking damage by sticking to the memory wall to the right of the town, then head to the harbor as soon as possible and swim the rest of the way.

Now you need to air assassinate the grenadier on the left ship. This objective is much trickier than it seems, as the other objective is to remain undetected and air assassinations are rather showy. As a result, you’re going to have to kill all the other crew members before you make your attempt.

Try to use as many railing assassinations as possible, as they are the most efficient at getting both you and the body out of sight quickly afterwards.

There are a pair of guards on this ship that must be saved for last before you nab the grenadier and they can be difficult to kill unnoticed, try poisoning one and hidden blade-ing the second quickly, then leaping for cover before the grenadier sees.

Set the ship on fire then repeat the procedure on the second to end the mission.

Optional Objectives:

To obtain 100% synchronization for this mission, complete these optional objectives.

  • Cross Charlestown without taking damage.
  • Air assassinate a Grenadier.
  • Remain undetected while on ships

Mission 4: Battle of Bunker Hill
This mission sees you going straight through the middle of a battlefield in order to kill Pitcairn. Use the cover on the battlefield to take shelter from the salvos fired by the British army and move when they are busy reloading.

For 100% sync rate you need to cross the battlefield without taking damage, kill no more than 3 guards, and air assassinate Pitcairn. When you’re past the battlefield, head for the trees to avoid the Redcoats and proceed to the top of the nearby cliff.

Take the path to the left, avoiding one or two guards and sticking to the shrubbery until you find a tree next to a stump. You need to climb this tree in order to get the spot from where you can air assassinate Pitcairn but it’s in clear view of a nearby officer.

You might want to use up one of your three kills on this mission on this officer as it will make things a lot easier. Climb the tree, jump to the next one from its branch, and from there jump atop the flagpole right next to Pitcairn on his horse. You can now take him down.

Optional Objectives:

To obtain 100% synchronization for this mission, complete these optional objectives.

  • Cross the battlefield without taking damage.
  • Limit regular kills – 4/4.
  • Air assassinate Pitcairn without being detected

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