Assassin’s Creed 3 Sequence 2 100% Sync Guide

Sequence 2 starts as soon as you reach Boston. You are ready to start your quest to find the key, but you will need friends who can help you complete your objective. Our Assassin’s Creed 3 Sequence 2 guide will help you complete this sequence with 100% sync.

How would you make those friends? By helping them first and giving them favors and in return, they will help you neutralize key targets and search the key.

If you are aiming for 100% sync for Sequence 2, continue reading to find out the key targets and requirements for each mission.

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Assassin’s Creed 3 Sequence 2 100% Sync

Mission 1 – Welcome to Boston
Once the mission starts, you will have to follow Charles Lee as he takes you around Boston. Upon reaching the first checkpoint, you will be introduced to Benjamin Franklin, who will give you a long term quest of collecting missing pages from his book.

Once you interact with Benjamin, you are going to unlock the Almanac sidequest. For help on finding all the pages, read our Almanac Pages Guide.

Proceed to the general store indicated by the checkpoint and talk to the shopkeeper, buy a normal sword and a flintlock pistol. Head back outside to find Lee waiting with a pair of horses. Mount the horse and follow him to the Green Dragon Inn.

After the cut-scene in the Green Dragon Inn, follow Lee upstairs. You will meet William Johnson, who will give you the task of recovering his stolen research. Exit the building and you will be taken to a new area. Walk over and talk to the man leaning on the fence to start the mission.

Mission 2 – Johnson’s Errand
For 100% synchronization you have to shoot 10 mercenaries with a firearm. Press Y to shoot the lookout and climb up to his place. Proceed along the boxes to the rifle rack and pick up a rifle.

Go further along the edge until you can see the guards below, shoot them. Once you shoot one guard, it is automatically going to trigger a fight. Reload the rifle or pick up another one. There are more guards further on target practicing, shoot them and prepare for melee.

You have to complete your objective for which you cannot use your sword. You are allowed to use only your firearms. You can parry your enemies and then choose the weapon by which you are going to take down the enemies.

After the fight, the rest of the mercenaries will retreat to the inner hideout. Press left trigger to aim at one of the barrels on the ground near the gate to blow it up. Proceed to the chest and press B to initiate a cut-scene where you are ambushed by a group of mercenaries.

After a quick fight, you will have to protect Lee as he carries the chest back to the Green Dragon Inn. Make sure Lee or Hickey don’t lose more than half their health to complete another side quest for 100% synchronization.

Remember to pick up rifles along the way so you won’t have to reload your pistol as you fight your way through. After you kill the last mercenary, the mission ends.

Mission 3 – The Surgeon
The next recruit for our team is the surgeon named Ben Church. Visit his house down the road marked on your mini map. After the cut-scene walk towards the area opposite the house marked by white lines. Here you will attempt to eavesdrop on the conversations among his neighbors.

Stand between the two nearby peasants to avoid suspicion. Once you have heard the vital piece of information, move back up the road from where you came and go to the white church to the north east. Climb to the top, synchronize and then perform a leap of faith down to the haystack.

For 100% synchronization, make sure you don’t fail a single eavesdrop, and you need to eavesdrop at least one group of moving people. On the other side of the building to your right, you can find two guards in conversation. Get closer to eavesdrop but be careful not to get detected.

Go to the green zone on your mini map and follow the marker to find two guards having a chat while strolling around a large tree. Make sure to stay in range so as not to fail eavesdropping.

Go to the green zone and follow the marker once again to find two people chatting, sit on a nearby bench to listen in on their conversation without raising suspicion.

Make sure to remain undetected from here on to complete the next side quest; an easy way to do this is to remain on the rooftops and drop down to the objective.

You have to steal a key for the door from one of the guard leaders. You can pickpocket anyone of them, but the easiest one is on the opposite side of the building on the pier. He is being watched by only one guard; assassinate that guard from a nearby bush.

Sneak up behind the guard leader on the pier to pickpocket him. With the key in hand, make you way back to the door to open it.

After the cut-scene, you will have to rescue Ben Church by killing cutter and his men undetected. Just sneak up behind them one at a time and kill them with your hidden blade to end the mission.

Mission 4 – The Soldier
Head to the Greed Dragon Inn to get a cut-scene, and you will be taken to a new area. Talk to Charles Lee leaning against the wall to start the mission. Follow Lee to Pitcairn’s position to start the next objective.

Trail Braddock’s patrol making sure to limit your detection time by blending in with the crowd. Follow Lee as he leads them to an ambush, and a fight will ensue. You have to complete two side quests for 100% synchronization.

First kill the snitch before he calls for reinforcements. You can tell him apart by his funny feathery hat and the white marker above him, he is the redcoat drummer. Now you have to perform three sequential combo kills under the attack of the smoke bomb which you used for the snitch. This is going to complete the other side quest.

To perform a sequential combo kill, do a counter kill, immediately after that point the stick towards another enemy and press attack button again. Doing so will chain up the kills, do this a couple of times, and you should be bale to complete the side quest. Head back to the Green Dragon Inn to end the mission.

Mission 5 – Infiltrating Southgate
Talk to Lee in the Green Dragon Inn to start the last mission. You will start on a rooftop, press b to pick up the weapon in front of you. When the convoy stops, begin the ambush by shooting them or dropping down into the melee.

After a cut-scene, you are on a carriage. You have to give your men orders to kill the enemy before they reach you. Once inside the fort, give your man the order to kill the one officer approaching you. Go past the haystack, making your way towards the west, and you will spot the general.

Use eagle vision to spot him, he is highlighted in gold; there is also a white marker on him once he is in your vision. Hide in the cart nearby and assassinate him when he comes near.

Proceed to follow the markers to find the captives. Most of the guards won’t bother you, but you must sneak around and stealthily assassinate the officers to avoid detection. Perform 3 corner spot assassinations to complete the side quest.

Stand at a corner and move the left stick to lean against the wall, perform the kill once the officer is near you to complete a corner spot assassination.

There is an officer near each of the group of captives, and this provides an easy chance to complete all three corner spot assassinations. Free the captives once you’re safe of detection.

After the cut-scene, fighting ensues. Use the nearby guard to protect yourself from the firing line You receive a side quest to avoid the firing line and receiving any damage from it will fail this quest. Go north towards the carriage you rode earlier.

Make sure to avoid the firing line at the gate and use the boxes to the left to climb up the wall. You will find Silas on the top along with some guards. Initiate a fight and kill Silas to complete the mission.

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