Assassin’s Creed 3 Sequence 12 100% Sync Guide

After completing your objective in Sequence 11 by taking a final stand, it’s time for you to conclude the story of Desmond Miles. Follow our Assassin’s Creed 3 Sequence 12 guide to finish this sequence and the game with 100% sync.

Your objective at the start of this sequence is to attend Haythem’s funeral.

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Assassin’s Creed 3 Sequence 12 100% Sync

Mission 1: Laid to Rest

Requirements for 100% Sync:

  • You have to limit your kills to 15
  • You gotta escape the HMS Jersey without getting into a conflict
  • You have to kill HMS Jersey’s Captain

The details on how to complete these requirements are included in the guide below:

Walk along the path and you will eventually come to Haytham’s funeral. The cut scene that follows will have you captured by Charles’ men. Once you gain control, you will be surrounded by guards, break out of their hold and prepare to fight.

You will be given an objective that might seem confusing at first; you have to limit your kills to 14. To do this, simply call in your assassin’s to eliminate the enemy for you and your counter won’t go up.

Head towards the water where you will find the ship HMS Jersey with Charles Lee onboard. You will get two new objectives, to eliminate the captain of the HMS Jersey and to escape without getting into an open conflict. You have to get onboard while avoiding the heavy security at the harbor.

Jump into the water and look for the anchor rope on the side of the ship. Climb the anchor rope up to the rear of the ship where you will come across a guard. You should have enough kills to spare if you followed the recommended method for the earlier part of the mission, so take him out with a ledge assassination.

Cross the deck to the other side of the ship, hanging from the railing to avoid detection if need be. Head over to the eavesdrop target marked on the map, and you will get that without much trouble.

The next eavesdrop target is back in the rear of the ship. Eliminate any guards that give you trouble as you head towards the captain’s cabin. After you hear the conversation, wait for him to patrol and kill him at the opportune moment.

Jump off the deck to complete the mission and get 100% synchronization.

Mission 2: Chasing Lee

Requirements for 100% Sync:

  • Do not take any sort of fire damage
  • Stay within 50 meters range of Lee
  • Do not shove the enemies during the chase

We have described in the guide below the procedures of fulfilling the above requirements:

You can find Lee at the Harbor to start the mission. The chase will be tough, especially with the side objectives. You have to stay within range of Lee, not shove anyone and not take any fire damage to complete the mission with 100% synchronization. Use eagle vision if you are having difficulty locating him.

Keep to the left as you come across the first pair of guards who will be shooting barrels of powder to knock you down. If you get knocked down you will have a tough time keeping up with Lee, avoid them by sticking to the left.

The riflemen in the next section pose more of a problem, avoid them using a smoke bomb or try to go around them and avoid the second wave altogether by going up the ship to the left.

Jump off to the left from the end of the ship and you should still be in range of Lee. You will eventually reach a ship which is set ablaze. Follow Lee through the ship and avoid taking any fire damage to complete the side objective.

Talk to the harbormaster and he will help you find Lee.

Mission 3 and 4: Desmond Finds the Truth/Desmond’s Decision
Once you have the key in the hand, head over to the area where you plug in the power sources. Plug in the last power source to unlock the path to the door.

Make your way towards the door and once open head through it. Keep in mind that you can play after the credits start rolling and there are a few epilogue missions to complete as well as a side game.

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