Assassin’s Creed 3 Sequence 11 100% Sync Guide

After completing your objective in Sequence 10, you will return to play an interlude with Desmond. Your objective is to rescue your father. You are surrounded by guards so improvise! Following this modern day section, you return once again to the past as we will explain below in this Assassin’s Creed 3 Sequence 11 guide.

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Assassin’s Creed 3 Sequence 11 100% Sync

Interlude #3
When you gain control of Desmond, go straight on ahead, and you will run into some security guards. Kill the security and go towards the doors at the end of the room for a cut scene where Desmond ends up stuck on an elevator and climbs out to the elevator shaft.

Climb up to the fourth floor where a few guards will be waiting for you. After you take care of the guards, go up the hall to the left and into the room where a meeting is being held. After taking care of the guards in the meeting, proceed further, and you will come to a courtyard with, once again, more guards.

Go through the broken window at the end of the walkway, take a left and you will get a cut scene. Chase Cross and eliminate him; at the end of the path there is an elevator.

Take care of the hordes of guards here and in the cut scene that follows you will rescue your father. Use the apple to take care of any guards as you stroll out the front door with the final power source.

Mission 1: Battle of Chesapeake
After all the cut scenes, head down to the Aquila to set sail for the Battle of the Chesapeake. Once there, fight off the first wave of ships. As you control the ship, you will have to destroy a dozen of nearby enemy ships.

You have an optional objective which consists of wiping out three ships in a single volley. This is only difficult if your allies manage to destroy the enemy boats before you can get a proper angle on them, or you’ve been really neglecting to upgrade the Aquila.

In the second encounter, the optional objective is to destroy two frigates by firing on their gunpowder stores. The frigates appear a bit later in the battle and to find the spot where you need to aim your swivel guns you’ll need to circle the ships and look for a small white circle that indicates the sweet spot.

Once the frigates are down you need to ram and board the Man-o-War. Kill five scrubs using counter kills in the melee and assassinate the captain.

After you kill the captain, quickly leave the ship before the gunpowder explodes. That way you will end the mission.

Optional objectives:

Complete these optional objectives during a single playthrough to achieve 100% on the mission.

  • Destroy ships using only one broadside – 3/3.
  • Destroy frigates by firing on their powder stores – 2/2.
  • Counter kill enemies – 5/5.

Mission 2: Lee’s Last Stand
Find the underground tunnel entrance in the southern tip of New York. Once underground, walk forward until you come across your first intersection.

Take a left. Continue forward until you find the men you are looking for. Once back above ground, kill the man right next to the well. Then jump up to the roof tops.

Make your way along the roof tops until you get to the tower remembering to stay undetected for full synchronization. Climb up and light the signal fire. Make sure to do this within 3 minutes for the optional objective.

Next up is a fight between a concussed Connor and his father. The only way to defeat Haytham is by countering his attacks while standing near breakable objects.

Keep Connor’s back to the barrels and tables in the area and you should do alright.

Haytham seems to land blows no matter what you do sometimes, so you might need to reload checkpoints a couple of times if you want to keep your health above 50% for the full synchronization.

After a few throws, make sure you have your controller in hand for the Quick Time Event that finishes the fight.

Optional Objectives:

Complete these optional objectives during a single playthrough to achieve 100% on the mission.

  • Reach the signal tower within the given time – 3:00
  • Remain undetected on the way to the signal fire.
  • Limit health loss to 50%

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