Assassin’s Creed 3 Privateer Contracts Guide

Privateer missions in AC3 are a new type of gameplay missions that players can tackle to deal with pirates in the game. Yes, pirates! Below we have explained the Assassin’s Creed 3 Privateer Contracts in detail.

It would be a lie to say that pirates didn’t have any presence during the American Revelation. Assassin’s Creed 3 seems to be aware of the fact, and throws in a bunch of hostile marauders and what-not at your trade routes that make things risky, provided you use trade routes.

For this very reason, you have Privateer Contract missions, which are smaller as compared to the other naval missions. Their function is to reduce the risks of pirates and baddies in your trade routes, but that’s not the only reason to play them. They are fun, and the utmost necessary to attain 100% sync.

This guide will walk you through some of the objectives of the missions, which are twelve in number. For more help on Assassin’s Creed 3, read our Naval Missions, Outfits Unlock and Crafting Recipes Guide.

Assassin’s Creed 3 Privateer Contracts

These are short little contracts that are quicker and perhaps easier than the naval objectives.

Henderson in Distress

Optional Objective: Limit Allied Health Loss 50%
You’ll have to sink 11 ships to complete this contract. First, make use of the Broadside and Swivel Cannon to take out the four ships that are closest to you. Once they’re down, the remaining ships will start to come closer to you.

Keep the Aquila in the center. The remaining ships can be taken out very easily if you move strategically.

Paving the Way

Optional Objective: Destroy 3 Ships by Ramming Them
The optional objective here is very easy to do, so complete it at the start of the encounter so you don’t have to worry about doing it later on. If you can afford to spend £8,000, get the ram before doing this and it’ll be significantly easier.

At the start (before the actual action begins), sail ahead and then around the bend. Go full sail for a straight minute to gain speed, then decelerate to half speed to aim precisely, and ram the ships. There’s no damage limit objective here, so don’t worry too much about your own ship getting hurt.

Dread of Knight

Optional Objective: Limit Environmental Damage (25%)
At the beginning of the mission, don’t shoot at the St. James. Focus on passing through the navigational hazards. Get through the first area and take care of the optional objective. After that, move to secure a Broadside shot at the St. James.

Now, you’ll have to take down 13 ships. Use the Broadside and Swivel Cannon properly and they shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Troubled Water

Optional Objective: Limit Damage Taken (50%)
To complete the optional objective, you’ll have to brace like your life depends on it. First, you’ll encounter the Rouge Waves. Once you’re prompted, go and take cover from them.

Then, a whole fleet of ships will try to sink you. You’ll have to aim precisely and time your shots properly for them to actually land on target. As these are frigates, you need to land a good Broadside, or ram them if you can. If you have incendiary ammo, it’ll be easier to take them down.

Raiding the Prospector

Optional Objective: Sink the Fleet within the Time Limit (1:30)
For this contract, the piercing rounds will work amazingly. It’ll allow you to take down the targets much faster, which will help you complete the optional objective. Do remember that the objective will start once the initial 8 gunboats are sunk.

After the Aquila clears the rocks, turn west instantly. As you’re turning, shoot at the Prospector and its fleet’s first section. Start off with your Swivel Cannon and shoot on either a schooner or a gunboat, then make use of your Broadside to take the rest of them down.

One of a Kind

Optional Objective: Sink a Frigate
The first wave will consist of schooners and gunboats. The channel you’ll be in will be very narrow, so they can deal a lot of damage. Play very carefully in the first wave. After you escape this channel, the second wave will start. There will be two frigates in this wave. Focus all your fire on the frigates as soon as you see them.

Blistering Dawn

Optional Objective: Limit Damage Taken (25%)
The Hull upgrade is essential for this contract. To decrease the damage for each shot, it’s extremely important to brace. This contract is pretty simple. There are 2 frigates and 2 schooners. Take them down first using your Swivel Cannon, then destroy the frigates using the Broadside.

A Call for Help

Optional Objective: Limit Ally Damage (75%)
In this mission, you’ll have to be very careful with the Aquila, as there are a bunch of sharp turns ahead of you. To clear the rocks, alternate between fullstops and halfsail. Once they’re cleared, go full sail for a bit. The enemy ships will make their entry after you reach Independence.

Bait fire to the Aquila to avoid damage to the Independence. Do this by going right into the center of each group of ships, so you can fire both port. As the Independence is going to the south, turn there first and go the group there.

Stay near the Independence and make use of your Grapehot, if you have it. Look for the most dense group of ships and use it on them.

The Sea Wolves

Optional Objective: Complete the Contract with Minimum Allied Casualties (4)
Go after the 2 schooners by the Aquila at the start of the mission. The optional objective will be finished once you’re through the rocks.

Now, use your Grapeshot to destroy the schooners and the three other boats in your path. Then, take care of the somerset by using your Fireshot.

A Midnight Engagement

Optional Objective: Minimize Environmental Damage (25%)
For this mission, you’ll have to sail very carefully around the sea, as you’ll go after a ship through a very rough and rocky outlet. After the ship ahead of you leaves the rocks behind, you’ll have to face the remaining enemy fleet.

You’ll need to sink 5 ships. Considering how many ships you’ve faced before at once, this shouldn’t be much of a problem.

The Giant and the Storm

Optional Objective: Sink Ships by Firing On Their Powder Stores (3)
For the last Privateer mission, you have to damage each ship till its powder stores are exposed. First have to sink a few Gunboats. Use your Swivel Cannon to shoot them at the right time and they’ll go down easily.

If you’re Aquila is fully upgraded, it’s actually a disadvantage here since you want to ram the ships to expose their powder stores. With a fully upgraded Aquila, you can easily destroy by ramming it. Cut down the masts on the two frigates using Chain shot and Man-O-War. Don’t use Heat Shot or Broadside as it’ll just sink the ship without exposing the powder stores.

This mission can be very difficult. You just need to practice it over and over again and eventually, you’ll be able to do it with ease.

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