Assassin’s Creed 3 Master Chest Keys Guide

It’s not false to say that no matter how financially stable you are in a game, it’s impossible to go by a treasure chest and not attempt to open it.

Same goes true for Assassin’s Creed 3 – you might be a wealthy fellow with all that earning back at the Homestead, but it’s just so difficult to ignore an exposed chest just asking to be opened by your hands.

Sadly, the chest opening processing isn’t that easy. Yes, Connor takes pleasure from the lock-picking skill, but the process is slow throughout the game and can get quite bothersome.

Chests in AC3 contain some fairly valuable items, ranging from raw money to vital recipes for making some valuable equipment or consumables.

Of course, for every locked just exists a key, and if you’re really aching for the booty that might lie within those boxes, you could attain the Master Keys for the different locations in the game.

Master Keys will allow you access to all the chests in the location where it was attained from. The only way you can attain a Master Key for a specific region is by completing Liberation Missions or certain Sequences.

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Here’s the way you can find the respective Master Keys for the various locations:

Complete Sequence 5 to get the Master Key for this region.

Boston Central:
Complete Memory 2 of Sequence 6 to obtain the Master Key for this region.

Boston North
Complete the Boston Central Liberation Mission.

Boston South:
Complete the Boston South Liberation Mission.

New York North
Complete the New York North Liberation Mission.

New York East:
Complete the New York East Liberation Mission.

New York West
Complete the New York West Liberation Mission.

These various missions will grant you access to all the chests for their respective regions. Note though, that this does not apply to the chests found in forts. The chests in the forts will always have to be picked regardless of you having the master key or not.

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