Destiny 2 Unbreakable Adventure Guide – How to Complete, Boss Tips

By   /   Aug 7, 2017
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This Destiny 2 Unbreakable Guide will focus on one of those adventures, Unbreakable, found on the planet Nessus that will have players traveling quite a lot while trying to take down a mini-boss in the area.

Destiny 2 features four locations for players to visit, complete missions on and grind for some loot. To keep the gameplay interesting, there are a lot more side activities this time and Adventures are one such activity. These Adventures are acquired from NPCs around the game locations and have players traveling to different areas for small objectives.

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Destiny 2 Unbreakable Adventure Guide

In our Destiny 2 Unbreakable Adventure Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about completing this Adventure & completing the boss fight at the end.

Destiny 2 Unbreakable Guide

Unbreakable is one of the four Adventures Bungie has revealed so far which the players will be able to participate in when they are on Nessus. Like the other Adventures, players first have to find the relevant NPC by using their map and traveling to the NPC via the Sparrow.

Unbreakable has a number of objectives which the players must complete in order to be successful in completing the Adventure. Once players have the quest, they need to “Collect a Large Energy Front” which seems to be dropped by Vex enemies. This will require players to travel to Vex heavy areas on Nessus and kill the robots, hoping for one of them to drop the Large Energy Front.

Once players have the Large Energy Front, the next objective of the Unbreakable Adventure pops up and players need to plant a Disruptor Charge to destroy a Vex idol. Once the idol has been destroyed, the mini-boss which the players had been hunting will spawn and begin the final objective of the quest.

Once the boss spawns, players will have to destroy this Empowered Minotaur who wields a Torch Hammer that fires Void bolts with AoE damage. Getting close to the Empowered Minotaur is not an option as it can instantly destroy the player’s shield with a punch. Players simply have to keep their distance and continue to chip away at the Empowered Minotaur’s health in order to take it down and complete the Adventure.

This is currently all we’ve in our Destiny 2 Unbreakable Adventure Guide. If there’s anything else that you’d like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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