Destiny 2 Deep Conversation Adventure Guide – How to Complete, Boss Tips

By   /   Aug 7, 2017
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This Destiny 2 Deep Conversation Guide will focus on one of those adventures, Deep Conversation. Players will be traveling around Nessus, killing Vex enemies to gain intel and then kill a Vex mini boss.

Destiny 2 features four locations for players to visit, complete missions on and grind for some loot. To keep the gameplay interesting, there are a lot more side activities this time and Adventures are one such activity.

These Adventures are acquired from NPCs around the game locations and have players traveling to different areas for small objectives.

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Destiny 2 Deep Conversation Adventure Guide

Destiny 2 Deep Conversation Adventure Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about completing the Deep Conversation Adventure in the game.

Destiny 2 Deep Conversation Guide

Deep Conversation is one of the first Adventures players will come across on Nessus. Once they find the NPC who gives out the Adventure quest using their map, players will have to tick off a number of objectives from their list in a fixed order. As they complete one objective, the next one should appear and will require players to travel around a bit more.

The first objective of Deep Conversation will require players to kill a number of Vex enemies around Nessus in order to gather Collective Data. Seems like the usual Patrol task from the original Destiny. However, once players have killed enough enemies, the next objective will appear instead of the quest simply ending.

This second objective will have players scanning a Vex cache inside a Vex stronghold. Once players are done scanning and have killed a number of enemies inside the Vex stronghold, a mini-boss called The Mind will appear and players will have to take it down.

Upon completion of the Deep Conversation Adventure quest, players will receive a Green Crystal which allows them to unlock a subclass ability in Destiny 2.

This is currently all we’ve in our Destiny 2 Deep Conversation Adventure Guide. If there’s anything else that you’d like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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