ARMS Post-Launch Updates Are Now Over: Just Patches Coming, No More Characters

If you’re still playing Nintendo’s creative fighting game ARMS and have been getting used to the various new fighters that have been appearing, you’ll have plenty of time now. ARMS post-launch updates are no longer going to be happening beyond simple balance patches, according to a statement by Nintendo.

ARMS got its last new fighter, Doctor Coyle, just today. Coyle will be the last fighter added to the game, alongside a number of new arms that players can use in fights. However, now that she’s out, there will no longer be any new content coming to ARMS. The game has been out for six months, with a great deal of support happening all throughout that time.

While the steady stream of content was a good thing for ARMS, and it’s sold over a million copies as of September, and likely more in the meantime, it’s time for the studio to move on to other games. In the meantime, ARMS seems fated to sink into the background of the many different well-reviewed Nintendo Switch games, though like every game it will likely have its own dedicated players.

However, while Nintendo has ended support for ARMS post-launch updates, that doesn’t mean that it won’t stop working completely, at least for now. With the introduction of a new character in the form of Doctor Coyle, along with the various other characters that have been added over the past few months, Nintendo will still have to work for a while to make sure all of the characters and content are properly balanced before they can truly put ARMS to bed.

In the meantime, if you still play ARMS, you can jump on the game and test out Doctor Coyle for yourself now that the ARMS post-launch updates are finished, so go out and see what she can do!