Armored Core: Verdict Day Beginner’s Guide

Armored Core Verdict Day
Armored Core: Verdict Day is the second installment of Armored Core V5 and is available for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. The gameplay mechanics work in the same fashion as in the Armored Core V but this time on Earth.

There have been some significant improvements and additions in the game that include Factions, Part Conversion, AI Customization, and Screenshots.

Players with a save copy of Armored Core V will be able to use it in their first playthrough. This guide will cover mostly the basic stuff related to the game that might come in handy to new players.

Armored Core: Verdict Day Beginner’s Guide

World Map

For the first time ever, Armored Core Verdict Day takes place on Earth. There are a total of 56 maps based on 7 continents with each having 8 maps. Different Faction will hold different areas of the map and your job is to the override the other areas of the map.


There are a total of three Factions which teams can join to match against teams from other Factions. The players from other team (belonging to your Faction) can also join you in battle if your team members are unavailable.

The mercenary system of the game is still available for those players who are not a part of some team. However, the team which hires you still needs to be in a Faction. The major organizations are given below:

Sirius Corporation
The living members of Men of Honor started this Faction and claimed resources before any other Faction which worked in their advantage in many ways.

Highlighted as Blue on the World Map, this Faction has many leaders and the main rivalry is Veni De.

Veni De
Marked as red on the World Map, Veni De tends to use force in order to gather resources and supremacy. They are very obedient of their Leader and his word is considered as final.

Their biggest rivalry with the Sirius Corporation is at its peak to date.

Ever Green Family
This Faction has the most innovative technology in all three Factions. They are neither on Sirius Corporation’s side nor at Veni De’s. There sole agenda is to get the Towers for themselves and know the mystery they are beholding.

They are marked as green on the world map.

SIGNS are basically Mercenaries which can be hired by anyone to aid them during the battle. Go to the World Map and follow the on-screen instructions in Mercenary Screen in order to register as a Mercenary. These are basically notorious Men of Honor.

The players who are knocked out can still do story missions and play with other teams as a Mercenary.

Team Play

The Team Play in this game works on the principles of Armored Core V but the teams must be in the same Faction now to begin. Although it is not clear what role a member gets in a team; it is advised that you assign the basic roles at once.

In this game, it is more important that players learn to master the Team Plays. Every unit in the game which consists of 4 ACs should have three main specialties:

  • Assault ACs
  • Mop-Up ACs
  • Bouncer ACs

Taking Screenshots

One of the features which have been incorporated in the game is the ability to take in-game screenshot and uploading them online. These screenshots can be uploaded on the server for the whole world to see.

The number of screenshots which could be taken in a battle is restricted to 5 and the total numbers of screenshots which can be saved in your game data file are 50.

Voice of War

This is not related to the game by any means but provides comprehensive information about history of the game, pilots, and different organizations.

It is basically an archive of the world news which gets unlocked as the players progress through the game.

Part Conversion

Another feature which has been added to the game is the Part Conversion. What it does; is that it customizes a part of your AC to have improved defense mechanisms.

For instance, you can modify a KE core to have more CE defense.

As of now, it is unknown how this actually works as we don’t know if a player could convert any given part or the converted parts are completely new with different stats?


There are a total of 7 Towers in the game. If a single Faction controls all these towers and another Faction destroys them all; the controlling Faction is wiped out automatically.

However, it is not clear whether the Towers can be targeted during an assault.

While playing the story mode, Towers are considered as resource capital. They tend to have enigmatic origins and contain mysteries that led to the creation of UNACs.

Story Mode

Verdict Day follows the story of Armored Core V lone wolf (Pilot) Dark Raven. There are a total of 60 missions in the game which are divided into 10 storyline missions and 5 sub missions.

Sub-missions are pretty much same as the Order Missions in Armored Core V.

Note that, players will be able to play it with other teammates, UNACs, and Mercenaries in co-op mode.
The story begins with the civilization’s feeble attempts at survival until they come to know about the resource capital Towers. These Towers then led to a war between the three major Factions.

There is an option to load the gamesave from Armored Core V to get to know the story better.


Garage is the place where players will be able to customize their AC as per their preferred build parts and paint. Players will not only be able to customize their ACs but their garage itself; with their choice of lightening and background.

Along with this; players will be able to customize their UNAC partner. Players can also buy parts (as they unlock them) from the Parts Shop available in the garage.

This is pretty much all we have on Armored Core Verdict Day’s beginner’s guide. Feel free to comment below if you found something confusing. For more information on Armored Core Verdict Day, keep visiting SegmentNext!

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