ARMA Reforger is now available in early access on Steam and Xbox Series X|S

ARMA Reforger has been officially released as part of an ongoing roadmap that leads to the eventual release of ARMA 4.

In a special live stream held earlier today to convey the future of the franchise, developer-and publisher Bohemia Interactive affirmed that ARMA Reforger will serve as a bridge to connect ARMA 4 in the future.

The new standalone installment is the first in the franchise to run on the new Enfusion Engine. The game is also designed to introduce console players to the hardcore military simulation franchise in a friendly way.

Bohemia Interactive understandably intends to use ARMA Reforger as a platform to polish the capabilities of its new engine, add and stabilize new features and systems, as well as expand its player reach in time for ARMA 4.

ARMA Reforger is now available on Steam and Xbox Series X|S in early access with three playable modes. Conflict tasks players to capture strategic points across a massive open-world terrain. Capture and Hold offers fast-paced gameplay where players fight over tactical vantage points. Game Master, the last mode, lets players create their own missions in a real-time map editor.

ARMA Reforger also brings the Workbench for players to mod all aspects of the game. Thanks to the new Enfusion Engine and related toolsets, Bohemia Interactive states that modders can reshape the entire game if they want. The Workbench and its modded content will not be exclusive to PC. Xbox players will also be able to download and enjoy mods.

This modding ARMA Platform was leaked on the weekend as a dedicated content creation platform for third-party creators. The same leak also confirmed that the PlayStation version will release after the Xbox version.

Bohemia Interactive has stated that ARMA Reforger will likely remain in early access for a whole year, during which the developer will add more content such as weapons, artillery, and gadgets while improving features such as health, artificial intelligence, and environmental destruction.

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