Arma 2 DayZ Mod Tweaks Guide – How To Change FOV

If you have played Arma games, you would know that the default FOV (Field of View) is limited, but you can always tweak FOV of these games by either tweaking the config file or playing with certain variables in the command line.

Follow the step by step guidelines and tweak FOV of Arma 2: CO to dominate the zombies in the persistent world of DayZ mod. For more help on Arma 2: CO DayZ mod, read our Installation and Troubleshooting Guide.

Arma 2 FOV Tweak

  • First, head to My Documents/ArmA 2/ folder and open the USERNAME.ArmA2OAProfile using the notepad.
  • At the bottom of the file, you’ll see two values, “fovTop” and “fovLeft”.
  • You can adjust these values to change the field of view. You can either go with hit and trial or you can use the FOV calculator to be more accurate.
  • After calculating the fovtop value, divide the number with the second number of your aspect ratio. For example, if it’s 4:3, then you should divide it by 3, and then multiply it by the first number (here it will be 4). This will give you the value for fovleft. Don’t forget to round off the result up to 2 digits after the decimal.
  • Save the changes and launch the game.

Don’t forget to share any other tweaks you come across in the comments below!

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