Arkane Studios Next Game May Have A Multiplayer Mode

Arkane Studio is a well know studio mostly from its amazing Dishonored Series, which has now been currently put to rest. At least for some time, while Arkane Studios works on another game that might feature a multiplayer mode.

During the QuakeCon 2018 even, in a response to a question asked, the designer at Arkane Studios, Ricardo Bare said that the next game, the studio is working on might contain some form of a multiplayer mode. Additionally, he also revealed that Dishonored series has been currently put to rest.

Interesting thing is that some of the elements used in the next game are being taken from The Crossing, a title that never actually made it. For those who do now know, The Crossing is a title, that was going to combine single player story campaign with a multiplayer.

So it does seem to reason that Arkane Studios is very much serious on bringing in the multiplayer guns. Furthermore Bare also added that inducing multiplayer will not be done by force. Meaning that a truly captivating plot will not be forced into a kind of deathmatch.

He said:

incredibly destructive, because they end with the fact that the band that created a truly captivating plot mode is forced to work on deathmatch or something like that.

With all that said, we already have had the news of Arkane putting Dishonored series to rest for an indefinite period but no one anticipated the next title which is in the works to feature a multiplayer mode. If that becomes the case, it could actually step up the level for the studio, and bring them to a whole new class.

There is no doubt that multiplayer is already the future and it is about time Arkane Studios brings in something good. What are your thoughts? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.