Arkane Gives Us A Tour Of Prey Aliens And The Aesthetic Of The Game

Arkane Studios’ Prey reboot is still a few weeks away, releasing on May 5, but that doesn’t mean the studio’s leaving us in the dark. Instead, they took time to show off some of the Prey aliens and environments that you’ll be dealing with on the space station of Talos One.

For the vast majority of its story, Prey takes place on the space station of Talos One. Your character, Morgan Yu, must make their way through the station in order to save the world from a mysterious alien race known as the Typhon.

The Prey aliens include a number of different variants, ranging from the Mimics that can transform into any sort of object and take over organic matter (like humans) to the Phantom, a hellish mixture of a Typhon’s biology with a human corpse.

The Typhon were originally an effort by humanity to use their powers in the neuromods that are an important part of the game, however they have since escaped and overrun the station.

The Typhon are seen as different when it comes to alien species in other games, as they’re not like other aliens at all.

If anything they’re more like animals, constantly working to attempt to get more food; humans and their large amounts of brain activity are just a good food source.

The Prey aliens are only one part of the game, though. System Shock appears to have been a big design inspiration for the game, and with everything that the game is promising the game will hopefully be another good title from Arkane Studios.

Prey will be releasing a few weeks from now on May 5, and will be releasing on the Xbox One, the Playstation 4, and the PC. To see more of how the game looks, take a peek at the screenshots further up the page.