Ark Valguero Ice Golem Location and Taming

This Ark Valguero guide will help you locate and tame the Ice Golem, making the entire process easy for you.

Ice Golem is a variant of the Rock Elemental found in Ark Valguero, around the White Cliffs and Snow Desert. It’s the same as the Rock Elemental except for appearances. You can also tame the Ice Golem, which we will also cover in this guide.

Ark Valguero Ice Golem Location

You can find Ice Golem easily in Ark Valguero. Below is a coordinate in which you can find Ice Golem in abundance.

LAT: 12.2

LON: 65.5

Just head to the coordinates above, and you’ll find more Ice golems nearby.

Ark Valguero Ice Golem Location and Taming


How to Tame Ice Golem

You can use multiple strategies to tame Ice Golem in Ark Valguero. Before getting to those strategies, we would like to provide a list of things you’ll need to tame Ice Golem.

  • Extraordinary Kibble
  • Sulfur
  • Clay
  • Stone

Torpor damage won’t work on the Ice Golem from the regular methods; you’ll have to use Cannon Balls. Make sure you hit it in the head too. Shots to the body won’t just fail to cause torpor; they’ll also kill the Elemental.

Whenever it goes into torpor, it makes a special animation. This animation usually involves it shaking its head.

Having your tribe-mate ride a Paraceratherium with a Platform Saddle and a Cannon is a good way to knock out an Ice Golem.

Your tribe-mate can fire the cannon while you kite the Ice Golem. For example, a stone foundation with pillars may be used to keep it in place.

It is possible to get aggro from a distance using a Ballista Turret with spear bolts, leaving the creature to ‘sprint’ towards you. Aiming at the great beast is a great opportunity.

Using a flyer and moving slightly ahead of the Ice Golem as it chases you is one way to tame it. The Ice Golem will be stuck looking at the flyer when you’re high enough that it can’t hit it. You can knock it out with a cannon and a foundation.

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