Ark Survival Evolved Update 312.14 Is Live, Server Crash Fix

A brand new patch released for Studio Wildcard and Instinct Games’ Ark Survival Evolved. Take note that this patch is currently only available on PC. Ark Survival Evolved Update 312.14 is quite a small patch, as there are only two confirmed patch notes, but these patch notes are very important. The developers fixed an annoying server hang, and they also fixed a server crash. Below you will find the complete list of all Ark Survival Evolved Update 312.14 patch notes.

  • Fixed a server hang.
  • Fixed a server crash.

In other news, in its relentless competition with Valve’s Steam, the Epic Games Store has been trying to win more and more faithful users everyday through its weekly free games program. Those who have regularly visited the digital store will by now have a respectable collection of titles, from the most modest indies to the biggest hit games of recent years.

However, in recent weeks we have enjoyed “The Vault”, thanks to which users have been able to register titles such as Borderlands: The Handsome Collection, GTA V, Civilization VI, and Ark Survival Evolved in their accounts. Epic Games Store CEO Steve Allison explains in a statement that this all has exceeded his expectations with impressive activity rates. While The Vault was active, the store counted up to 61 million active users (from mid-May to mid-June).

Since launching the Epic Games Store, we’ve always wanted to create a huge event around our very successful Free Games weekly program to give something awesome to players worldwide, and we decided to go big. The results have exceeded our expectations… In 2020, we’ve been growing at a historic rate.

I remind you that Studio Wildcard and Instinct Games’ Ark Survival Evolved released in August 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, OS X and Linux, with versions for Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch in 2018.

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