Ark Survival Evolved Guide – How To Find Food And Water

This Ark Survival Evolved Guide will focus on the first few hours of player’s journey and guide them how best to get their hands on basic necessities like food and water.

The world of Ark Survival Evolved is a harsh one, much more so than a lot of other sandbox survival games out there. Even if players end up in a PvE server, the wildlife itself can make surviving the starting few hours a nightmare. On top of that, when players spawn in Ark Survival Evolved, they are in desperate need of some basic resources and nutrition.

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Ark Survival Evolved Guide – Find Food And Water

In this Ark Survival Evolved Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about finding water and food in the game.

Ark Survival Evolved Guide

In the early levels, as players don’t have any means of travel besides running, they will need to outrun a lot of the dangers present in Ark Survival Evolved. This leads to their food and water resource meters dropping fairly quickly.

Thankfully, nature provides in the game and there are plenty of wild bushes in the world which players can harvest for berries. While they may not be the ideal source of survival, they can keep hunger and thirst at bay for a little while.

The first thing players need to do when they spawn is to look for bushes and start harvesting them. Each bush provides a decent number of berries of different types. Players should read their description before consuming each berry as eating a Narcoberry or Stimberry is not a good idea.

Narcoberries will put players to sleep leaving them vulnerable while the Stimberry dehydrates them, draining water resource meter really quickly.

Once players have a decent number of berries in their inventory, they can move on to actual harvesting of items like wood and stone in order to craft some basic tools and weapons while also level up.

In the early few hours before players don’t have an established base, the sea and rivers are a good source of water so players should make sure they travel along water sources, despite their dangers, in order to hydrate themselves in a pinch.

After learning a few engrams like the Spear and Campfire, players should be ready to begin hunting smaller wildlife and make some proper food for themselves which sates hunger for a longer time period. The best targets for this meat are small herbivores who don’t possess much of a threat when attacked like a Dodo. Depending on the level of the animal, a few hits of the spear to the head should be enough to take them down.

However, it is always a good idea to have some spares handy in case an old spear breaks down. Once the animal is dead players can begin harvesting it by either using a Pick or an Axe. If meat is the priority, players should always use Pick to harvest as it gives better yield while Axe provides better results if players are interested in gathering resources like Hide.

With the Raw meat in inventory, players can craft a Campfire from their engram menu and cook the meat in there using Thatch or Wood as the flame resource. It is always a good idea to cook the meat even if players aren’t going to eat it just yet as cooked meat takes longer to decompose compared to raw meat.

This is all we have in our Ark Survival Evolved Guide to Finding Water and Food. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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