Ark Genesis: Part 2 Shadowmane Location And Taming Guide

Shadowmane is an aggressive creature in Ark Genesis Part 2 that can chase its prey and shock them. They sleep for most of the day and wake up at night. They also can become invisible when needed.

Once tamed, you can use Shadowmane as Combat Specialist, Damage Dealer, Support Tank, and All Terrain Support. We have made a complete guide on How to find and tame Shadowmane in Ark Genesis Part 2.

Ark Genesis part 2 Shadowmane location

You can commonly find the Shadowmane all over the left ring region of Ark Genesis. You must be careful as the left ring is full of corrupted creatures that are very dangerous.

Some of the regions of the left ring are Riverland, Inner Rivers, and Upper Hills. When you are at these locations, you might have to wait for the Shadowmane to get out of the invisible phase.

If you want to learn about all the spawning locations of the Shadowmane, you can look at the map image below:

Ark Genesis: Part 2 Shadowmane Location


How to tame a Shadowmane

You can non-violently tame Shadowmane by feeding him his favorite food. The favorite food of Shadowmane is Fish of any kind. The weight of the Fish should have to be over 0.5.

To carry the fish to the Shadowmane location, you will need Fish Basket. Fish Basket can store as well as capture the fish. You can easily craft the Fish Basket from the following items:

  • Fungal Wood
  • Fiber
  • Thatch

You must keep in mind that the more the weight of the fish, the quicker the taming process. The easiest fish to catch are Piranhas. Once you have filled the Fish Basket with fish, you can collect them.

Shadowmane is an aggressive creature therefore it’s best to start with killing the other creatures near him. This will reduce the chances of getting attacked by other creatures while taming.

You must wear Ghille Armor to avoid getting detected by Shadowmane. It can also become aggro if he sees insects near us. Therefore, Bug Repellant is a must to apply.

You can only feed the Shadowmane when he is sleeping in the daytime. You must approach him from behind or from the sides. Crouching down is a must when you are near him.

When you feed him the fish, the Shadowmane will become invisible. You must then back away while in the crouching position to a nearby rock.

To find the Shadowmane in an invisible state, you can go to the taming list. From that list, you can click on the Shadowmane to put a market on him.

When the Shadowmane stops moving, that means he is fallen asleep. You can then approach him to feed another fish. Be quick about it though because there is a specific time window in which the Shadowmane will wake up again.

You must remain close to him to capture every sleeping window. If Shadowmane gets woken up during the taming process. you will lose all the progress to zero.

Repeat the feeding process until the tame bar is full. Once the tame bar is full, Shadowmane is yours.

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