Ark Genesis: Part 2 Mutagen Locations

This Ark Genesis Part 2 guide will discuss in detail how to collect Mutagen having all the benefits aforementioned.

Mutagen is a brand-new resource found in Ark Genesis part 2. This resource unlike all other resources has a very unique and bright appearance in the game. Mutagen can be recognized from afar as it is a bright blue bulb that glows and some points are coming out of them.

One of the greatest use of Mutagen for which it is getting famous in the Ark world is the ability it provides players which helps them to further advance their tames and make the most out of them. However, the amount of Mutagen required varies from Dino to Dino.

Another very important use of this newly discovered resource is it can be used to tame a creature called “ Voidwyrm”. This is also a newly introduced creature and can be tamed if you have mutagen instead of trying hard with Wyverns. It can also be used as a crafting resource but there’s only one item that can be crafted through it in Chemistry Bench.

While evolving the tames with the help of Mutagen players should know that this technique to evolve their tames perfectly fits wild creatures as it will increase their levels by 5x.

This Ark Genesis Part 2 guide will discuss in detail how to collect Mutagen having all the benefits aforementioned. This will brief players about all the locations on the Genesis 2 map where they can easily collect a vast amount of Mutagens.

Ark Genesis: part 2 Mutagen locations

Mutagen in Genesis 2 can be collected from the Rockwell area. This guide will elaborate on how players can collect Mutagen from that area without God or Creative Mode. Mutagen and Mutagel co-exist in the game,  so we will be discussing mutagens also to some extent. There are 2 methods in Ark Genesis Part 2 by which mutagens can be collected. Let’s get into these methods :

Rockwell biome

To get to this biome, players first need to come to the left side of the ship. Coordinates there are as follows;

Lat 50

Lon 30

Reaching these coordinates, players will see the big gun on their left. Make your way towards that and then head your way towards the broken bridge or the closed bridge. Here you will see the little ramp of structures. Head down underneath these newly found tunnels and they will lead you to Rockwell biomes. Always have your admin commands activated and yourself fully loaded as there’s a cave inside here which can be dangerous.

Once you are inside the biome, now you need to look around for these blue bulbs. Generally, you” ll get a little reptile down in your bottom right-hand screen that will say mutagen is nearby. Walking here and there will find you some mutagen but they are very rare. Also, on your way, there’ll be many aggressive creatures summoning up on you so be careful.

You can also spawn in by typing gfi mutagen. If you want to spawn something for yourself.

Space bridge

So, the second place where players can find Mutagens is Space Bridge.

For this, players have to get to the middle of the space and look at some brown rocks. Players can get mutagens from these brown rocks. With 800x Mutagel you can make a single Mutagen. This method is much easier as it is done just with the help of Pick Axe and there are tons of these rocks in this area.

If you enter the space bridge and don’t find any such rocks wait for midnight. At midnight, a ship will enter a hyperdrive which will change all the medials.

It is advised to use an admin command to speed up so we can have changed the time from day to night.

Once you have got all the mutagel you need to whack it up in the Chem bench. Once you have turned it on you will see that 800x mutagel will create 6x mutagens.

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