Ark Genesis: Part 2 Maewing Location And Taming Guide

Maewing is a weak creature in Ark Genesis Part 2 that looks like a Honey Badger. Once approached, it will jump and try to glide away. They can fly as well as swim in the water. This is because their body is a hybrid between a platypus and a flying squirrel.

Once tamed, Maewing can be used for raising baby creatures, Travel Resource Gatherer, and Fast Travel Mount. They can also steal and carry up to 4 creatures. Trapping the Maewing for taming can be difficult.

We have made a complete guide on How to find and tame Maewing in Ark Genesis for the survivors that are interested.

Ark Genesis part 2 Maewing location

In Ark Genesis, you can easily find Maewing on the North side of the Eden Biome. The most common region to find Maewing are Eden Trench, SUMP, and Grassland. Most of the time, you can find him wandering around in lakes and rivers.

They can also glide in the sky. If you want to learn about all the spawning locations of the Maewing, you can look at the map image below:

Ark Genesis: Part 2 Maewing Location


How to tame Maewing

You can easily tame Maewing in Ark Genesis Part 2 by knocking him out and then feeding him his favorite food until the tame bar is full. You can feed him anything such as berries because he is an omnivore. Meanwhile, the list of the favorite food of the Maewing are below:

  • Basic Kibble
  • Prime Meat
  • Prime Mutton

The best method to tame is by building a trap and luring it in using the Rare Flowers or Giant Bee Honey. Build two walls of the trap in a V shape. Then lure it in using the Rare Flowers.

Trapping the Maewing can be difficult due to his ability to jump and glide. Once Maewing is in the trap, wait for him to jump and then build the wall behind him to complete the trap.

It’s best to kill all the surrounding creatures before using Rare Flowers as it can attract many other creatures to the trap. Don’t forget to add a ceiling to your trap as Maewing can also fly away from the trap.

The next step is to shoot him using either Tranquilizer Dart or Tranq Arrow. Once it is unconscious, it will lie down on the ground. You can then feed him the Basic Kibble or any other food of your choice.

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