Ark Genesis: Part 2 Exo-Mek Taming Guide

We have prepared this guide to give details about the Exo-Mek and crafting it to carry out different functions in Ark Genesis Part 2.

Exo-Mek is a rideable vehicle you can craft after defeating Rockwell Prime in Ark Genesis Part 2. You can use this successor of Mek to complete different tasks.

We have prepared this guide to give details about unlocking the Tekgram for Exo-Mek and crafting it to carry out different functions in Ark Genesis Part 2.

How to craft Exo-Mek in Ark Genesis part 2

To get the Tekgram for crafting Exo-Mek, you must defeat Rockwell Prime, the final boss in Ark Genesis Part 2.

You must start the Terminus mission using the Mission Terminal inside Rockwell’s Innards to face it. To defeat this boss, you can use tames like Shadowmanes.

We choose Shadowmanes because of their natural armor and fast-speed attacks, which can surprise Rockwell Prime.

Once the Rockwell is defeated, you will get the Tekgram that will unlock the crafting recipe of Exo-Mek. Now you have the recipe to craft this rideable vehicle using the Tek Replicator.

The items you will need to craft Exo-Mek in Ark Genesis Part 2 are below.

  • Black Pearls: 35
  • Crystals: 350
  • Metal Ingot: 850
  • Element: 40
  • Polymer: 300

Elements are also required for using the Exo-Mek, so ensure you have a good supply.

Exo-Mek uses

Exo-Mek is a useful vehicle that you can use for doing a lot of work quite quickly.

Base Management

It can pick up anything, so it is convenient when it comes to managing your base. You can move everything around quickly, whether a Tek Replicator or Fabricator.

You can even clean up your base using it. If you don’t like anything, it will just remove it without any trouble.

RTS Mode

The most useful ability of Exo-Mek is RTS mode. While using this mode, you will get a bird’s-eye view of all the areas below.

You can even select and give commands to your tames, like attacking the nearby unit or moving to a different location. This mode is useful during both fights and base management.

Combat Mode

In the Combat mode, it will enter the barehanded battle stance to perform various attacks like the hammer-fisted ground pound and straight punches.

It is not a great fighter but a good one regarding strategic fighting. If you are in a close quarter combats, you can rely on it.

Its uses are not limited at all. You can use it for other things like stealing eggs, getting close to creatures you want to tame, entering, exploring the ocean, etc.

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