Ark Genesis: Part 2 Astrodelphis Location And Taming Guide

Astrodelphis or Space Dolphin is a new creature that is added in the Ark Genesis: Part 2. It is a passively tameable creature that you can use as a mount and take out other creatures.

Finding and taming this creature is not that difficult, and this guide will make it even easy for you. Here you will get complete details about finding Astrodelphis in Ark Genesis Part 2 and taming it.

Ark Genesis: part 2 Astrodelphis location

Astrodelphis or Space Dolphins only spawn in the asteroid area right between the map’s two parts. Its spawn areas are also marked on the map below.

Ark Genesis: Part 2 Astrodelphis Location

While searching for them, always look around bridges as Space Dolphins are mainly close to them. You will also encounter other dangerous creatures like Voidwyrms while searching for Astrodelphis.

How to tame Astrodelphis

For taming Astrodelphis in Ark Genesis, the most crucial thing is Element. You will need a lot of Elements to tame a Space Dolphin.


We have a separate guide covering how you can gather Elements. But to give you some brief details, you can collect them by farming crystals in Lunar Biome.

Once you have the required item, find the Astrodelphis and start the taming process. You must move the Elements to the last spots in your inventory and get close to the Space Dolphin.

After that, you must press E continuously once you are on its side so you can pat it a couple of times and move Element to its inventory. Always stay on its side so it can’t bite you.

To stay close to it, you can use some mount as well as it is speedy. Just repeat the process mentioned above, and you will get a tamed Astrodelphis after some time.

A tamed Astrodelphis is a great mount that you can use underwater and in space. It is a quick mount you can ride just by crafting its saddle. You can use it as a ranged weapon for taking out creatures at a distance.

How to craft Astrodelphis saddle

Once you are at level 120 or above and have 60 Engram Points, you can unlock the crafting recipe of Astrodelphis Saddle. You can gather the resources given below to craft the saddle right after unlocking its recipe.

  • Metal Ingots: 2500
  • Black Pearls: 140
  • Polymer: 500
  • Element: 55
  • Crystal: 370

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