Ark Genesis Oil Rock Locations Guide

We will delve into this Ark Genesis guide, and find out locations on the map where players can easily find oil rock without much hassle.

In the world of Ark, oil rocks are in the form of large nodes. Regardless of the map, these rocks spawn only underwater. Large quantities of Oil and Stones can be mined from these Oil Rocks. Players can recognize them because of their dark color which is different from ordinary rocks. You can also find tons of Oil Rock in the Ark Genesis DLC.

Oil Rock can be used to craft many essential resources including fabricators, grenades, industrial cookers, grills, etc. These oil rocks are a source of stones and oils and that’s why they are such a crucial resource in Ark.

In this Ark Genesis guide, we will delve into the map and find out locations where players can easily find oil rock without much hustle.

Where to find Oil Rock in Ark Genesis

Ark Genesis has five major regions which are Bog, Lunar, Arctic, Volcanic, and Oceanic. Among all these, there is no location in Bog where players can find Oil rocks however these rocks are spread across the rest of the regions. Here are all the locations where players can find their favorite oil rocks:

Ark Genesis Oil Rock Locations

Lunar region

This region is located at the top left of the map. Following are some coordinates where players can find oil rocks in this region

  • Lat 15.88 Lon 16.22
  • Lat 46.46 Lon 23.32
  • Lat 41.7 Lon 16.4
  • Lat 35.51 Lon 34.04
  • Lat 15.22 Lon 38.09

Arctic region

This region is at the bottom left of the map. Players can find oil rocks in this region at the following coordinates

  • Lat 63.62 Lon 16.40
  • Lat 68.0 Lon 27.5
  • Lat 81.0 Lon 26.8
  • Lat 86.8 Lon 13.8
  • Lat 69.0 Lon 33.00

Volcanic region

Oil Rocks can be found in this top right region on the map at the following coordinates

  • Lat 28 Long 71
  • Lat 46 Long 82 (around these coordinates )
  • Lat 47 Long 66
  • Lat 26 Long 88

Oceanic region

This middle region in the map is not rich in oil rocks but there is a good enough amount which players can find at the following coordinates

  • Lat 23.0 Lon 49.9
  • Lat 40.22 Lon 52.95
  • Lat 18.20 Lon 55.93
  • Lat 38.88 Lon 46.41
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