Where To Find The Golden Nugget In Ark Genesis

This guide will give you a complete walkthrough on how to acquire a Golden Nugget in Ark Genesis, mentioning all the prerequisites as well.

Golden Nugget is a very special resource that is part of a checkpoint mission in Ark Genesis. This guide will give you a complete walkthrough on how to acquire a Golden Nugget in Ark Genesis including all the prerequisites that need to be completed.

How to obtain the Golden Nugget in Ark Genesis

Like other resources in Ark DLC, you can not find Golden Nugget easily. To find Golden Nugget in Ark Genesis, you must complete one of the checkpoint missions. This checkpoint mission is known as Mound Over Matter in Ark Genesis. Mound Over Matter is a very straightforward mission. Lucky for you, we have covered the details of this mission in the section below.

Mound Over Matter walkthrough

This mission starts in the Arctic Biome. There are three different kinds of snow mounds to dig up in this mission: gold nuggets, purlovias, and snow mounds containing gold nuggets. In this mission, you must complete all the checkpoints to collect your reward. There are a couple of methods to complete Mound Over Matter.

As players enter the retrieval zone, they must interact with several snow mounds. However, only two of these mounds contain precious golden nuggets. There are usually microraptors or purlovias hiding inside the mounds. You must move quickly away from the mounds while retrieving the golden nuggets, anticipating what may be within.

Animals that can jump over most hazards on the ground are either gasbags or managarmrs. When using these creatures during the escape phase, make sure they are in cryo pods. Iguanodons, equus, and gallimimus are viable alternatives to the managarmr now that iguanodons can no longer be ridden in recent patches. There is also the possibility of using gasbags since they can float over the road and reach the finish line pretty much unhindered.

Most creatures during the mission can be induced by its fear roar by using a Yutyrannus or an X-Yutyrannus as a deterrent. While they can be powerful on the Alpha difficulty, they can also be a double-edged sword, since most creatures get fear roared, taking more damage, then taking cover in even more creatures.

One thing you must keep in mind is that the Golden Nuggets disappear when the mission is completed. So make your you keep on collecting them at regular intervals.


After completing this mission, you’ll receive plenty of items which include Glow Stick, Focal Chili, Shadow Steak Saute, Battle Tartare, Fria Curry, Mindwipe Tonic, Calien Soup, Lazarus Chowder, Metal Ocean Platform, Enduro Stew, Medical Brew, Energy Brew, and Mushroom Brew. It is worth mentioning that the chances of these items being dropped after the mission are less than 4%, so don’t keep your hopes up.

Although, after the completion of this mission, there are a few items that have a higher chance of being dropped. These items include Riot Boots, Riot Shield, and Trike Saddle. These items have a 17% chance of spawning during the mission.

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