Ark Genesis Cactus Locations Guide

This guide will help you look for Cactus in Ark Genesis by pinpointing all the locations where players can go and find loads of cacti.

Cactus is a resource found in Ark Genesis which when harvested gives us cactus sap. This cactus sap is a very useful consumable resource in the game used for various purposes. The main purpose of this sap is to kill the hunger of the character as it runs through the map.

Cactus can be harvested on a method that primarily is based on its size. Players can harvest small-sized cacti with the help of their hands or a whip but this can’t be done with larger cacti. Larger cacti can only be harvested with the help of a Chainsaw, hatchet, etc.

Just like all other maps of Ark survival evolved cactus is a food resource that can also be used as a crafting material. This guide, however, will help you save time to look for Cactus in Ark Genesis by pinpointing all the locations where players can go and find a huge amount of cacti.

Where to find Cactus in Ark Genesis

Cactus although considered mostly as a food resource but has a much wider scope in Ark Genesis. Cactus can also be used as a crafting resource which is used to craft many ingredients like Cactus Broth and Propellent.

Ark Genesis Cactus Locations

Arctic biome

To find, cactus on Ark Genesis 1, players need to teleport to the arctic biome. In the area at the bottom center, players will find the brown spikey stumps that with a bit of imagination resemble cactus. Of all the harvesting methods chain saw is the most effective one to harvest cactus saps in this biome. Arctic Biome is the only region in Ark Genesis where players can find cacti. Below are the locations players can go to harvest cacti :

  • Lat 75 Lon 25
  • Lat 78 Lon 27
  • Lat 85 Lon 26
  • Lat 84 Lon 27
  • Lat 87 Lon 37
  • Lat 79 Lon 35
  • Lat 81 Lon 31
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