Ark Genesis Ambergris Locations

In this guide, we will cover all of your questions related to Ambergris in Ark Genesis including its location and uses.

The manufacturing of the explosives employed on the Astrocetus after getting tamed requires the usage of Ambergris, which is also needed while growing baby Magmasaurs. Ambergris could be farmed in several ways, using various Dinosaurs or equipment in Ark Genesis.

If you are seeking to know all about Ambergris in Ark Genesis Part 1, you have come to the right place. In this guide, we will cover all of your questions related to Ambergris in Ark Genesis including its location and uses.

Ark Genesis Ambergris Farming Locations

The stone glowing with green color that is spread around can be farmed to produce Ambergris. There are also some stones made of metal. You should first visit the Lunar biome to collect Ambergris.

Ark Genesis Ambergris Locations

It is important to be well-prepared for the lunar biome given its absence of gravitational force and several threats, including severe weather, comets, and radiation veins.

The biome’s bigger and spiker glowing green rocks are where you may find Ambergris. They are dispersed throughout, so finding them isn’t that tough. You may utilize a pick or a mining drill to collect the rocks.

The mining drill seems to be more costly, but it yields a significantly larger return on resource investment. Both an Ankylosaurus and a Magmasaur may be used to farm, with the Ankylosaurus proving superior for sheer quantity and the Magmasaur possessing an inventory that weighs 50% less Ambergris.

There aren’t any other effective ways to get this material besides farming Ambergris in the lunar biome. Among the drawbacks of Ambergris is that the item expires in the inventory of any creature after one hour and twenty minutes and a human’s inventory, after twenty minutes.

This necessitates the utilization of a Refrigerator or a Preserving Bin to keep various quantities safely preserved for future use unless you venture out and farm more.

The Lunar Biome region is highlighted on the map below:

Location #1

Go to the following coordinates to farm Ambergris in Ark Genesis Part 1:

  • 52.7 LAT
  • 32.4 LON

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