Ark Extinction Obelisks Locations

We have compiled a guide to help you locate all the Obelisks in Ark Extinction and also explained their usage.

Ark Extinction features huge towers known as Obelisks. We have compiled a guide to help you locate the Obelisk towers in Ark Extinction.

Crafting items such as cryopods and Tek replicators is possible with obelisks. An obelisk is also capable of transmitting data, apart from crafting other items. Obelisk allows you to transfer your character between servers very easily.

ARK Extinction obelisk locations

Obelisks in Ark come in three types. A red obelisk, a green obelisk, or a blue obelisk are among these types. Each type of Obelisk is located in a different location. The Obelisk is also called a pillar, tower, ark, spire, or mega-beacon in Ark. Since finding an Obelisk is easy, no matter where you spawn or when your chances of finding them are high.

In Extinction, the Obelisks have no Terminal beneath them.

Aside from these, The Island, Aberration, and Extinction also feature extra Terminals, including Tek Cave Terminals, Rockwell Terminals, and Forest, Ice, Desert, and King Titan Terminals.

The primary function of Obelisk Terminals is to call out bosses that can be found on the map. There are certain points that you must earn to summon bosses in a single player.

Each type of Obelisk’s coordinates in Ark extinction are listed below.

Ark Extinction Obelisks


Head to the coordinates mentioned below to find the red Obelisk:

LAT: 79.8 LON: 17.4


Use the coordinates mentioned below to find the Blue Obelisk:

LAT: 25.5 LON: 25.6


If you want to find the green obelisk, use the coordinates we have mentioned below:

LAT: 59.0 LON: 72.3

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