Are Your Hearthstone Daily Quests Bugged? Here’s How To Fix It

Kobolds and Catacombs, Hearthstone’s latest expansion, has filled the game with new content and fresh things to try in all modes. However, players have noticed that their Hearthstone daily quests are getting bugged, not being shown and making players think they are losing valuable gold.

Blizzard has acknowledged the problem by posting a fix in the forums, explaining that the delay in the distribution of the daily quests are due to a large number of Dungeon Runs on their services. Even though the company has no fix for this Hearthstone daily quests bug but gave some tips for the players to try.

The following steps are not a definite fix, rather some helpful tips that might make your daily quests show up. Blizzard states though that even in that case there might be a 10-30 minute delay until they show up:

  • Check your quest log 10-30 minutes after logging in for the first time after quests reset. You need not remain logged in for that time.
  • Manually refresh the quest log by pushing the Quest Log button.
  • Play games in Play Mode or Arena (Note that Dungeon Run will not cause the quest log to update).
  • Note: If you happen to complete your quest without seeing the quest log update, you’ll still be properly rewarded.

In related news, Hearthstone will be hosting a very special Tavern Brawl next week that offers three card packs from the Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion pack. To redeem on mobile, just log into Blizzard via your favorite browser. If you’re on PC, you can click the gift icon on the upper right next to your Battletag.

Do you also have problems with your Hearthstone Daily Quests not showing up? Are there any other tips you tried and might prove helpful to solve this problem?

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