Attention All Destiny Players, Are You Guys Excited for Bioware’s Anthem?

Destiny, a shared world first-person shooter MMORPG, that was once marketed as the “Call of Duty killer.” Simply because this was something new, massive in size, and Call of Duty was really struggling with its audience at the time. But soon after its release, we all realized that the only thing Destiny would kill is our trust in Bungie, the creator of the highly popular Halo franchise.

The general lack of content mixed with Activision’s attempts to milk it for years with paid expansions and in-game purchases within a $60 AAA game meant people would look at these practices, and be skeptical of Destiny 2.

But when the sequel came we saw an excitement among the community, there was more to Destiny now. A brand new clan system, new subclass system, new raids, strikes, better bur short story, more multiplayer modes, but still not enough to justify that $60 price tag.

It was a shame, a serious disappointment and while Forsaken has improved things in terms of content, modes, and story, you will need to spend an extra $100 to get everything that should have been there in the first place, at least 50% of it. On top of that, the grind to level up in order to access raids in the base game was unbearable for some due to the repetitive nature of side missions and activities.

Both games were overhyped products that underdelivered so it turned out to be a disappointment to the point where many streamers actually stopped producing Destiny 2 content because there was nothing to cover at all.

Anthem is on a similar boat right now, BioWare’s previous game, Mass Effect Andromeda failed miserably. The lack of content, poor story, bugs, and ridiculous marketing campaign led to a bad game. So as a Destiny fan, you may have a hard time buying what EA is trying to sell you with Anthem. Especially, now that is it being touted as the “Destiny-killer.”

We live in a time where pre-order culture and in-game purchases are the norms in $60 games, so we have even more reason to be critical of the games we play.

The knock on effect of this will impact EA’s Anthem as it would have to be perfect for sure. Anthem’s concept sounds promising but so did Destiny’s. The shared open world, coop experiences, raids, strikes, giant boss fights, all sounds familiar, isn’t it? There is a lot Anthem borrows from Destiny at first glance, the freelancers are guardians, Javelins are classes and subclasses with different abilities, special abilities to deal extra damage, The City is the Tower or the Farm, both games feature uniquely named weapons, explorable worlds with dynamic events, public events, probably petrols as well so comparing both makes us skeptical of what’s to come.

Activision’s Destiny and EA’S Anthem are both Live-service games which means in-game purchases, probably loot boxes, paid expansions, and more. It is definitely EA’s take on Destiny, knowing this, do you feel excited about Anthem? Or are you more skeptical than excited? As far as I am concerned, I have the same concerns for Anthem that I had for Destiny 2, lack of content, cut content for paid expansions, pay-to-win model, prolonged grind.

The thing is, Destiny has not only dented its own name but it has also affected this genre in general. It has created a perception about MMORPG shooters and it not a good one. We now believe that they tend to be shallow in terms of content, they lack depth, they are repetitive, and the majority of the content is cut for paid expansions down the road.

So will Anthem live up to its own hype? We are skeptic.

Sarmad is our Senior Editor, and is also one of the more refined and cultured among us. He's 25, a finance major, and having the time of his life writing about videogames.