Are Developers Starting To Reject Epic Store Exclusive Deals?

It’s no secret the developers that took up the Epic Store exclusive deal have taken a blow to brand image. This was showcased most recently by a Borderlands 3 survey. Has this caused a turn in tides? Reports now pour in of video game developers now rejecting Epic Store exclusive deals.

These deals I’m mentioning are the Epic Games method of competition with Steam. The technique involves paying off video game developers in order to have them exclusively appear on the Epic Store. This has been done with small time indie games as well as big time AAA titles like Metro Exodus and Borderlands 3.

In some of these cases, the developers aren’t even to blame for securing these deals. It’s usually the publishers like Deep Silver that makes these calls.

This leads me to believe that maybe video game developers are having a change of heart after seeing the negative effects of these Epic Store deals on the brand image of their games.

Besides some developers openly calling the Epic Store exclusive deal a cash grab, reports are pouring in of Epic trying to snatch up more studios but being rejected.

We have high profile companies like CD Projekt Red openly stating Cyberpunk 2077 is going to be accessible to every platform. Smaller studios like DapperPenguin have also voiced their disdain for the Epic Store business model itself.

Others like Rise of Industry have outright declined offers from Epic Games regarding exclusivity.

Most of these are just reports. Other than confirmed statements from DapperPenguin and the like, we can only assume for the others.

It does make sense, however, that studios keep an eye out for these deals now. The Epic Store exclusivity has caused a steep dip in the support behind most of these games due to the horrible client.

Video game developers that care about their consumers are more likely to stay away from Epic Store exclusives as long as they have decision-making control.

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