Apex Legends Valkyrie Guide

Newly added to the game as part of season 9, or Apex Legends Legacy update, Valkyrie is a very unique character designed for those who prefer mobility and flanking. In this Apex Legends Valkyrie guide we’ll go over all of Valkyrie’s abilities and some tips on how to use her.

Apex Legends Valkyrie Legend

In Apex legends Season 9, Valkyrie, real name Kairi Valkyrie Imahara, the daughter of Titanfall 2 Viper joins the roster of Legends, continuing her family’s legacy of flight-based Titans so you can expect her to have some crazy impressive abilities.

Valkyrie may not inherit Viper’s Northstar titan ability, but her own VTOL Jet ability and amazing ultimate and tactical ability does wonders.

Her main game mechanics revolve around flying and taking enemies down while she’s airborne. She also unlocks unique abilities once she achieves enough fly time. The only downside is the Bocek Bow that can be used against her. Let’s talk about her abilities

Valkyrie Abilities

Tactical Ability: Missile Swarm
This ability allows Valkyrie to shoot 12 mini rockers in a rectangular projectile in front of her which deal 25 to 30 damage and stun the enemies. This ability is best suited to be used to stun enemies before you rush them with your squad

Passive Ability: VTOL Jets
This is the most unique and satisfying ability which lets Valkyrie stay midair till her jetpack fuel completely finisher. It takes about 10 seconds on ground for the fuel to refill. Moving around in air utilizes more fuel as compared to staying still.

This ability can be used by jumping and then pressing jump button again to activate the jet pack.

Ultimate Ability: Skyward Dive
This ability makes Valkyrie more of a teleporter as she can go up high in the sky and dive then anywhere on the map. On top of that she can even give her teammates a lift.

Tips and Tricks

On default, you will not have full control over VTOL Jets ability as if you jump twice the legend just keeps on going up. You can actually control the movement by changing Toggle to Hold in settings menu. This will make manoeuvring really easy and help you dodge enemies. Valkyrie will be vulnerable in the sky as she can’t use any weapons when the jet pack is active.

You need to make sure that you use this ability for scouting purposes only or to just examine the battle strategy from amidst air. One point to note is that as you come towards the ground, you can use weapons and that is when you can do damage.

The fact that Valkyrie is a Recon Legend, you can make best use of her Flying ability to reach places that are fairly inaccessible otherwise. You can also lookout for any beacons that can locate the next ring.

The Missile swarm can be targeted anywhere on the map and it will not only stun enemies but also damage them. Impressively it has cooldown time of 30 seconds only which allows you to use it more frequently in a shootout. There is always a 3 seconds delay which results the rockets reaching the target later and the enemies end up being lucky and avoid it.

You should therefore shoot the targets a bit ahead of the intended point on the map which will ensure that the rockets hit home! Once the rockets have stunned the enemies you can rush them with your squad.

The Skydive Ability is really useful when you need to reposition your squad to a strategically better location. You might have to go to the safe zone or a new resourceful area and that is when you can take your squad there in a blink of an eye using this ability.

There is a 3 seconds start up time for this ability which results in 3 seconds un wanted waiting time therefore you should use it when enemies are not around. You can also cancel the ability before it becomes operational but it will cost you a 25% penalty on your Ultimate Ability Timer.

Another extremely useful feature that comes with this ability is the ability to track enemies while skydiving, thanks to the Visor on Valkyries helmet. This ability helps you locate enemies which you can either surprise or avoid, that depends on your strategy.