Apex Legends Has “Some Things” In Motion Against Cheaters

Apex Legends has been suffering from a plague of cheaters as of late but will be receiving some new tools to ensure a clean playing field in the near future.

Speaking with FanByte earlier today, team director Steven Ferreira revealed that developer Respawn Entertainment has “definitely put in some things” to help address the cheating situation in Apex Legends.

“We have seen some of that come down recently,” said Ferreira which was a nod to last week where over 2,000 high-ranking players were banned for abusing a matchmaking exploit during their ranked seasonal matches.

Coming to the wallhacks and aimbots running rampant in the game, Ferreira confirmed Respawn Entertainment to now sport “a team dedicated to working on that.” He refrained from going into any details on whether the anti-cheat is being updated or if there are other security measures being introduced. He did assure though that such “kind of a problem is important all the time.”

Cheaters are always expected to find their way into popular online games. Apex Legends was fairly clean at launch, but has nearly become a den of cheaters in recent months, particularly in ranked mode where players are using everything from wallhacks to aimbots for easy victories.

Some cheaters have been garnered fame for using outrageous cheats. For example, one cheater from last month took up the idea of an infinite laser beam to burn players to a crisp. He used a hacked Charged Rifle which never runs out of ammo and automatically locks onto players for confirmed kills within seconds.

Apex Legends has now kicked-off Season 10 on all supported platforms. The new season always attracts a larger number of cheaters as they attempt to attain their seasonal ranks at the start. Hopefully, the assurances given by Ferreira will come to light and the new season will fare better than the last one.

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