Apex Legends Looks All Set For Steam Deck

While an official announcement remains to be made, Apex Legends for the time being looks primed and ready to make its Steam Deck debut.

According to Gaming On Linux earlier today, developer Respawn Entertainment has cleared up prior issues relating to Easy Anti-Cheat to make Apex Legends fully functional on Steam Deck at the time of writing.

Apex Legends hence looks all set to become one of the first online-only multiplayer games on the handheld. There is however always the chance that Respawn Entertainment decides against releasing the game on Steam Deck. It would be best to wait for an official announcement before becoming too excited.

Yesterday, developer Bungie revealed that it will not be supporting Steam Deck for Destiny 2, or any system for that matter which uses the Linux-based SteamOS and Proton systems. Bungie even warned that trying to bypass the incompatibility to run Destiny 2 on the handheld will come with a permanent game ban.

Before Bungie was Epic Games which has similarly decided to not release Fortnite on Steam Deck. The reason being the Linux-based operating system itself which can make it difficult to combat cheaters on a new platform. Neither Epic Games nor presumably Bungie are willing to risk supporting a new platform which can potentially lead to a horde of cheaters wreaking havoc.

Steam Deck supports both Easy Anti-Cheat and BattlEye. Apex Legends uses the former to ensure a clean playing field, while Destiny 2 and Fortnite use the latter anti-cheat. It does appear that not every multiplayer game will be making the jump to the handheld regardless of which anti-cheat they use.

Apex Legends and Destiny 2 are some of the most-played games on Steam. PUBG: Battlegrounds, as another popular multiplayer option, remains to be confirmed for its Steam Deck debut, as do others like Rainbow Six Siege and Lost Ark.

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