Apex Legends Season 2: Respawn Improves Accuracy, Key Binding, Game Config

Apex Legends Season 2 is almost a month away and Respawn Entertainment has detailed some of the changes/fixes they have made in preparation of Season 2.

In a Reddit post made on Apex Legends’ Subreddit, Respawn Community Manager Jay Fresh highlighted some of the recent issues Respawn Entertainment managed to fix following Apex Legends season 2.

Jay Fresh writes,

Last week we posted some of the Known Issues we’re tracking that have popped up since the 1.2 Patch went live. Since then we released a patch this week that addressed a few of the issues from the list. Today we wanted to provide an update on the fixed issues as well as some of the new ones that we’re aware of and working on.

Just quite recently during EA Play at E3 2019, Respawn Entertainment announced the entry of a new Legend, Watson, in Apex Legends. Watson is perhaps one of the major highlights of Apex Legends Season 2 and fans are clearly looking forward to it.

Respawn Entertainment also made a lot of fixes and improvement to the game. Even though the fixes listed by Respawn are quite long, we are only listing the major ones. To view the full list of fixes made to Apex Legends, click here.

  • Havoc and Devotion base ammo reduced
  • Skydiving from a Jump Tower “nerf”
  • Deathbox loot ordering
  • Octane jump pad sound issue
  • Issues with controller / key binding
  • Accuracy while sliding and ADS
  • Changing game configs
  • Caustic gas damage hurting players through walls
  • Causing being able to drop endless gas traps
  • Missing Twitch Prime Pathfinder Omega skin after getting it

This list does not represent ALL of the issues we’re currently tracking and working on for the game. Many other things are in the works but we wanted to provide some visibility into some of the recent issues that have been talked about.

Furthermore, Respawn Entertainment has also stated,

Next week we’ll be talking a bit more about L-STAR and some of the meta changes coming in Season 2 so stay tuned for that!

If you are looking forward to playing as Watson in Apex Legends Season 2, check out our Apex Legends Wattson Guide where we dive into everything you need to know.