Apex Legends Revenant Guide

Season 4 of Apex Legends is here, and it has brought a new mysterious legend; ‘Revenant’. Revenant is an extremely aggressive character. Apex Legends Revenant can be unlocked using 750 Apex Coins or 12,000 Legend Tokens.

In this guide, we will list all abilities, strengths, and weaknesses of Revenant.

Apex Legends Revenant

Revenant has the following moves in Apex Legends:


  • Type: Tactical
  • Cooldown: 25 seconds
  • Description: Throw a device that deals damage and disables enemy abilities for 10 seconds. The device explodes on contact and leaves a lingering cloud for 6 seconds. Getting hit either directly or by walking into the cloud deals 10 damage and disables enemy tactical and ultimate abilities. This only prevents enemies from activating the abilities. Abilities already in use are not affected.


  • Type: Passive
  • Cooldown: None
  • Description: Can crouch walk faster and can climb walls higher. Revenant’s crouch-walking speed is the same as his walking speed. Revenant can climb walls 2 times as high as a normal Legend He can also climb shorter walls 25% faster, because it takes longer for his climbing speed to decelerate.

Low Profile

  • Type: Passive
  • Cooldown: N/A
  • Description: More difficult to hit, incoming damage increased by 5%

Death Totem

  • Type: Ultimate
  • Charge time: 180 seconds
  • Description: Drop a totem that protects users from death. Instead of getting killed or downed, you will return to the totem. The totem takes 1 second to create, lasts 30 seconds, and it has 100 Health. Both squadmates and enemies can use the totem one time each to turn themselves into a shadow for 20 seconds. The totem has a max radius of 60 meters. Leaving this radius for more than 1 second turns shadows back to normal. It is highlighted with a visible blue ring around the death totem.


Crouching decreases your footstep voice and also makes it difficult to hit you. Revenant has the same walking speed when crouching when just walking normally. So there is no reason to have him standing upright unless you’re sprinting.

Deat Totem ability can save you from death once, but if an opponent has found out about it, it may come to bite back. If the Death Totem is out in the open, an enemy can camp at the totem and wait for your squad to resurrect, then pick them off in their weakened state.

Additionally, the Death Totem doesn’t have unlimited range, so if you leave its area of effect, you won’t have the benefit of resurrection.

Revenant is a fast and aggressive Legend. Its purpose is to get the drop on enemies and rack up kills. Battle royales favor aggression over being defensive, so Revenant does well in most squads.

His abilities also make him really good at sneaking around, getting the drop on unsuspecting or pre-occupied enemies.

Revenant’s Tactical ability can be useful in certain situations. But ultimately it is a battle royale and most skirmishes in Apex Legends are just straight shootouts.

While locking an Ultimate at the right time can turn the tides, Silence won’t make a difference when you’re eating lead

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