Apex Legends’ PS5 Version Appears On PlayStation Network

It appears that a PS5 version of Apex Legends has inched close to an official release and hence, an announcement may be around the corner.

It appears that the promised PlayStation 5 version of Apex Legends has inched pretty close to an official release and hence, an announcement may as well be just around the corner.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, third-party PlayStation tracker PlayStation Game Size confirmed that a PlayStation 5 version of Apex Legends has surfaced on PlayStation Network. The current-generation version features an installation size of more than 80 GB but which contains no accompanying updates.

Apex Legends is currently playable on PlayStation 5 but through backwards compatibility which basically runs the PlayStation 4 version of the popular battle royale game. While developer Respawn Entertainment confirmed a native PlayStation 5 version last year, a release window was never provided to the community. With the recent PlayStation Network discovery though, Respawn Entertainment should be providing an update soon.

A few months back, Respawn Entertainment assured that the PlayStation 5 (as well as Xbox Series) version is still in development, but updates will only be shared when ready. It goes without saying that Apex Legends will be taking advantage of the newer and more powerful console hardware for crispier visuals at higher resolutions in higher frame rates.

The developer exclaimed a wish back then to have Apex Legends run in 120 frames per second on PlayStation 5. The goal was set because of how the game is meant to be played and higher frame rates are “an important piece of the player experience,” said director Steven Ferreira last year. Whether that dream has materialized will be confirmed in the coming days or weeks.

Elsewhere, the anti-cheat of Apex Legends took its job a little too seriously recently. The game ended up banning a whole group of players who were innocent. The developer confirmed earlier today that a mistake was made on the side of the anti-cheat and the banned players should be getting unbanned now.

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