Apex Legends Pathfinder Character Guide – Abilities, How to Play, Ultimate Tips

Pathfinder’s character relies more on mobility than offensive abilities. The bot is different from other characters and unique in his own abilities. This character does not deal a huge amount of damage like Bangalore or give you excellent defense like *Gibraltar* but his mobility tools are exceptional.

Pathfinder Character Guide will help you learn all about playing as him, his abilities kit, how to use his ultimate effectively and some tips.

Apex Legends Pathfinder

Among the tools, the most famous one for this character is the Grappling Hook that makes you evade your enemies immediately or attack them by swinging over to them.

The Ultimate Ability even allows your teammates to travel on the zipline you create for them to move from places far off from you. The outstanding abilities of this character are discussed in detail below:

Tactical Ability: Grappling Hook

This ability makes your character shoot off a Grappling Hook to wherever you want to travel on the map. It is a very quick and efficient way to travel from place to place.

There are different uses of this hook. The first one is very obvious that you can reposition yourself to areas of your desire. You can even go over the buildings and attack your enemies while hiding yourself.

This hook can even be used for reaching the loot before your enemies reach for it.

When the enemy group becomes more concentrated just use the hook to point to another place on the map and flee away from there.

Passive Ability: Insider Knowledge

This ability helps Pathfinder to scan a survey beacon to find the area and radius of the ring. This early knowledge allows the player to move to that place and initiate a strategy for his next plan.

Ultimate Ability: Zipline Gun

This is the ability allows Pathfinder to create a zipline of a much longer range than the Grappling Hook used for yourself.

The zipline is not only for you but can also be used by your teammates. If you find the location of the next ring, you can move along with your whole team to that location by using the zipline and can even set a location for the loot.

You can either go in for an attack with your allies while your enemies are distracted and fight them off or you can just evade for their along with your team.

Moving on the zipline does not stop you from attacking your enemies; you can while sliding down the zipline. You can even swing towards your enemy and hit them, knocking them down. Whatever you choose to do, this is a very speedy and immediate way to do it.