Apex Legends Octane Guide – Abilities, Tips, How to Play

Our Apex Legends Octane Character Guide will help you learn all about the newest Legend, his abilities, tips, and how to play him.

Our Apex Legends Octane Character Guide will help you learn all about the newest Legend named Octane, his abilities, tips, playing him at a high level.

As of now, players have high opinions of Octane, but we have yet to discover the full potential of the character. However, for now, let us discuss the full kit that Octane brought with him and utilizing it in different scenarios.

Apex Legends Octane Character

Octane’s character description reads “High-Speed Daredevil” which indicates that Octane is a fast-paced character. Along with Mirage, Bangalore, and Wraith, Octane is the fourth offensive character.

Aesthetically, Octane resembles Psycho from the Borderlands games. He is very scrawny so he might be difficult to hit.

Octane is released alongside the Battle Pass but is a separate purchase. He will cost the same as other purchasable characters i.e. Mirage and Caustic for 12,000 Legend Tokens or 750 Apex Coins.

Octane Abilities

Just like any other Legend, Octane has 3 abilities.


His Tactical Ability is called Stim where he stabs himself in the chest with a needle and receives 30% boost to his movement speed for 6 seconds. The cherry on top is that the cooldown on Stim is only 2 seconds.

However, spamming Stim is not ideal because it takes away around 10% of Octane’s HP with each use. Keep doing it, you might end up killing yourself before the enemy has a chance to do so.

He also has an interesting Passive Ability. Called the Swift Mend, it restores Octane’s HP over time while not taking damage. This makes up for the 10% heal you sacrifice when you use Stim.

Swift Mend is good but does not completely take away the need for Medkits and Healers.

Your teammates might need you when you are hiding in a corner trying to restore your HP just by using the Swift Med. Therefore, Medkits are still a priority. Only occasionally, you can hope to rely on the Passive Ability during the battle.

Additionally, one more thing to keep in mind is that you cannot heal with your Passive Ability whilst taking damage, therefore, you should not rely on Swift Mend during combat and when out of Safe Zone.

Octane’s Ultimate Ability is the Launch Pad where you throw a Launch Pad that launches anyone or anything that comes into contact with it. It is a great way to get to high vantage point or to rotate faster.

The vertical height it launches at, however, is not that impressive. Sometimes, you cannot even make it to the buildings that are only 2 stories, but you can always extend the reach by wall-running to get to the top.

The horizontal distance covered by the jump can also vary, depending on the speed at which you make contact with the pad. Running into the Launch Pad while on Stim or Bangalore’s Passive Ability can get you to cover the most distance.

Along with Pathfinder, Octane’s Ultimate Ability is the fastest charging, only taking1 and a half minute to fully charge. Therefore, throw those Ultimate Accelerants out and make space for more ammo.

How to Play Octane

The first tip that you can capitalize on is the fact that Octane can increase his speed on will. This could come in handy, especially when you drop in the hot zone.

Drop into a hot zone, use Stim and run wild stealing all the loot in the vicinity before your enemies can.

The animation of getting the Launch Pad out is very fast and so is its recharge time. Try to make use of it very frequently. You can use Launch Pads to get in and out of combat.

When going in, you will catch your opponents off guard since they will not be expecting company.

Additionally, if you are a good shot, you can land quite a few shots on the enemy while airborne so the enemy should be almost dead when you reach the ground.

You can deploy a Launch Pad in an open area when being shot to jump to the nearest cover because hitting an airborne enemy is not easy.

Another nifty trick is to combine the Launch Pad with Wraith’s portal. You can place the Jump Pad on one end of the Wraith’s portal to launch people in air.

There is not much use in using it for yourself, but you can try to trap enemies with it. By placing a Jump Pad in front of a portal and making enemies follow you through the portal, you can surprise them.

Additionally, you can also launch them outside the map, if the portal is placed right.

Bunny-hops can be performed in Apex Legends too, a feature borrowed from Counter Strike. You may have seen streamers hopping around after a slide, covering a fair distance whilst healing.

Bunny-hop is a tricky maneuver to pull off; you can learn the basics online. Once you are able to pull it off, you can get more out of a bunny-hop by using the Stim with it.

Using Stim augments your speed; therefore, engaging in combat with a Stim in combination with bunny-hop will leave your opponent scratching their head.

You can also initiate a bunny-hop when landing from a Jump Pad, giving you a good starting momentum. Some other useless things you can do is to bounce things off the pad. You can bounce all throwables on the pad.

That is pretty much a useless feature because it covers about the same distance as thrown by hand. Additionally, throwing by hand is much more accurate.

You can also able to bounce a Jump Pad over a Jump Pad. Don’t know why anyone would do that, but that is a possibility!

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