Apex Legends Mirage Character Guide – Abilities, How to Play, Ultimate Tips

Apex Legends Mirage Character Guide will help you learn all about playing as Mirage, his abilities kit, how to use his ultimate effectively and some tips.

Apex Mirage Character Guide will help you with all of the abilities that come with this character and how to use them in the battle. Apex Legends is full of interesting characters with their own unique abilities and personalities that set them apart. Each character is suited for a certain playstyle and Mirage is best suited for the ones who love to distract their opponents.

Apex Legends Mirage Character

Mirage loves to trick his enemies and putting on a good show while doing it. Mirage is for players who like to use bait-n-switch tactic. Mirage can deploy holographic mimic of his to create a distraction or flush out enemies out of hiding.

Mirage’s trickery makes his enemies think if they are actually shooting at him or one of his decoys. One moment the enemy might be thinking they got you in their sights but suddenly, Mirage is coming at you from another direction.

The following are the active, passive and ultimate skills along with their effects and tips on how to use them effectively in Apex Legends.

Tactical Ability: Psyche Out

Psyche Out is a tactical ability that deploys a decoy of Mirage to confuse players. The decoy runs in one direction while Mirage himself is free to run wherever he wants.

Being a tactical ability, it can be used to check from taps ahead or check corners if you feel you might be shot at if you move.


Passive Ability: Encore

Encore is a passive ability that automatically deploys a decoy and cloaks the real one for five seconds when Mirage is knocked down. This can be used to trick opponents into thinking that Mirage is alive and well while the real one retreats to a safe position while waiting for reinforcement.

Ultimate Ability: Vanishing Act

Vanishing Act is Mirage’s ultimate ability. The ability cloaks the real Mirage and deploys a number of decoys, confusing the enemy and giving himself time to take the next step.

This ability can be used while Mirage has been cornered giving him a chance to escape. Furthermore, Vanishing Act can be used to visually overwhelm enemies and then sneak in for the kill or have your squadmates pick them off.

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